Cuba Gooding Jr. On Why He Took 'Direct To Video Trash'

Niki Cruz

It's safe to say that Cuba Gooding Jr. is having a moment. After starring in flops or straight to video releases, Cuba Gooding Jr. showed the world that there's a reason why he won the Academy Award for his performance in Jerry Maguire -- he can actually act.

This year saw Cuba Gooding Jr. up front and center in his most riveting and certainly most dramatic portrayals. The star took the role of O.J. Simpson in The People v O.J. Simpson. It was a bold move for Gooding Jr. for several reasons and one that proved to be an endurance test.

In an earlier interview, Cuba Gooding Jr. talked about his performance. Back in February, the actor told Variety of the hard scenes.

"The days in the courtroom were emotionally draining, The stuff in the jail cell. The guilt and frustration I felt at celebrating the not guilty verdict. I'm not saying I think he's innocent or guilty. I'm just saying I never grieved for the loss of those families. You've gotta feel that. If I'm going to be that involved and not take into consideration those lives were lost — I feel guilt from that."
"I wasn't portraying an old broken man in jail who believes he's innocent. I played him as an egotistical flamboyant movie star slash marquee athlete. Someone said, 'If he reached out to you today would you go visit him?' And I said I would. Because now it's not going to influence my performance. But I don't know what he'd want to say to me. And I have nothing to say to him."

— best of rami (@bestoframimalek) June 8, 2016

"When I won the Oscar, I fell into that mind-set that this is a precious role. People everywhere were shouting, 'Show me the money!' I just didn't want anything that could parody the fact that I was like a tagline in a movie. So when Steven Spielberg offered me Amistad, I said no; when Hotel Rwanda came along, I said no. I was saying no to all of these things because I had in my mind the role I wanted to play."

— OSN (@osn) May 29, 2016

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