[DROOL] Now this is scotch

It doesn’t happen very often but at least once a year I like to treat my self to a really nice bottle of single malt scotch – none of that blended crap for me. I know there are a lot of really good single malts available but my all time favorite has to be Glenfiddich.

As good as it is though I doubt I will be lining up any time soon to grab one of the special bottles that Glenfiddich is producing as a limited run each year. The fact that there will only be 500 bottles available of their 50 Year Old Glenfiddich might be an enticement to enjoy a really rare pleasure the price is going to be a real killer.

The fact that each and every bottle will be made from hand-blown glass, individually numbered, adorned in Scottish silver and packaged in a leather bound case will of course up the stakes but still the price will make sure that only the upper crust of scotch drinkers will even think about signing up to get this slice of scotch history.

The price you ask – try $15,000.00

But still it looks damn good and one can only image how smooth it must be.





hat tip to The Dieline