Bernie Sanders Isn’t Going Away: Why Hillary Clinton Supporters Should Be Glad He Is Still There

Bernie Sanders continues to march on to the convention, and some Hillary Clinton supporters wish he’d just go away. Why is he hanging on? There are some very good reasons they should thank Senator Sanders, and be glad he’s still with them going into the convention.

Hillary Clinton supporters should be thankful to Bernie for running a very clean campaign at a time he could have very easily attacked her about legal issues and various scandals. Instead, the debates stayed civil and on the topic. Issue-driven debates gave rise to a better understanding of the candidate’s views.

Bernie Sanders could have focused on Clinton’s email, Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation, or her FBI investigation, but Bernie made no effort to go after Clinton in that way. Hillary is going to miss Bernie’s issue-driven campaign as Donald Trump gets warmed up for his style of attacks.

Hillary Clinton’s situation with the FBI, CIA, and State Department are quite serious. There is plenty of ammunition just waiting to be unleashed on national television in a debate with Donald Trump. It has been revealed by Breitbart that Clinton’s unauthorized server contained B7 (F) type information. B7 (F) is code for “endanger life or physical safety of an individual.” That is extremely serious, especially considering the strong evidence she was hacked, and the Romanian hacker is in U.S. custody after being extradited. He has entered a plea deal in preparation to testify, according to Sonoran News. See the video below. Bernie didn’t choose to exploit this situation, but Trump almost certainly will.

Bernie Sanders, by hanging on, is holding Donald Trump off of Hillary. As long as he is perceived as her competitor, Trump knows it is not yet time to really push against her, and he won’t attack Bernie or other Democrats with all he has, because he is likely to gain at least 25 percent of Sanders’ supporters if he stays quiet or speaks favorably about the wise old Senator from Vermont.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party need Bernie now, and they should begin to treat him fairly. While Hillary was narrowly elected against Sanders, one does have to acknowledge it as a relatively narrow victory, fraught with allegedly skewed election results that do not match exit polls and strange computer errors in which hundreds of thousands of Sanders supporters were mysteriously denied the right to vote, according to Election Fraud 2016.

Bernie Sanders supporters are not just sad about the loss. Many of them highly question the entire voting system now, and perhaps rightfully so. They are also feel alienated by the Democratic Party. After all, they registered with the party and were purged from the system. Many don’t believe it was an honest mistake, so the only other conclusion is that the Democratic party doesn’t want young members who aspire to kinder, gentler, more issue-driven politics. Why on earth would they ever support the Democratic Party again after being kicked out and not allowed to vote?

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party should embrace Sanders now. While perhaps he didn’t quite win, Clinton hasn’t exactly won either until the convention, because her numbers don’t add up without the superdelegates. That means that when it comes to the popular vote, he had just a little less than half, and Hillary just a little more than half of Democratic votes. Hillary, thus, needs the other half of the Democratic party to win, and the Democrats will not get it unless they find a powerful way to make amends to the Senator and his young followers.

 Clinton Foundation - Global Inititive - Hillary Clinton Spencer Platt

Bernie Sanders has the platform young people are demanding. It is clear demographically that Hillary Clinton won the election on the backs of voters over 45-years-old, and especially voters over 65, according to the Washington Post. Younger voters prefer Bernie, and are very tired of the tried and failed neoliberal approach to politics, as described in the Inquisitr. They feel corruption in politics via ignoring the needs of 99 percent of Americans in favor of a tiny fraction of billionaires is destroying their lives. They want a real solution, and will not tolerate any more neoliberal philosophy going into their future, and like it or not, the future of the party is in those now under 30, not those over 65.

Bernie Sanders supporters could leave the party, and where could they go? Who knows, but they would have enough force to create a third party that would effectively split Democrats, and perhaps eventually overtake them, if Democrats don’t make amends quickly and stop acting like the Republican neocons.

Hillary Clinton cannot win without a truly humbled and respectful embrace of Bernie Sanders and his platform from the Democratic Party.

 Senator Bernie Sanders rally crowd (D-VT) [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

[Photo by Scott Olson Getty Images]