Is Instagram Turning Into Instaporn?

Instagram fans are using the popular cell phone app to share far more than just cute photos of their dogs and vacations. The picture-sharing venue is now jokingly being called “Instaporn” due to the increasing number of X-rated images popping up on platform. Approximately 70 million users were attracted to the application less than one year after its launch date.

The image-sharing giant quickly established itself in the social networking realm and has even garnered a $1 billion takeover offer by Facebook, according to the Daily Mail. Instagram is both a simple and fun way to pass around pictures with friends and family online. Tens of thousands of naughty photos have been uploaded, forever capturing intimate moments between lovers. The soft glow filter the app has become known for does little to minimize the graphic nature of the amateur porn snapshots.

Instaporn shares among adults may very well help keep that old spark roaring in the bedroom, but easy accessibility to the x-rated shots by children is causing backlash for the social platform creators. Frequently used search tags for naked content include instasex, instaboobs, and sextagram.

There are currently no rules preventing users as young as 13 from opening an account. Pages of masturbation and nude snapshots are routinely found via an easy keyword search, the Huffington Post reports. Nude uploads often include comments of an equally adult nature, a fact which has not been missed on those angry about the social networking app’s lack of age restrictions. Even if application administrators did mandate users be at least 18 years old, a minor would simply have to adjust their birthdate to join.