Is OJ Simpson Ready To Confess To The Murders Like Friend Claims?

It’s amazing that two decades later, people are still talking about the murder trial of OJ Simpson, and though he was acquitted, people wonder if he really did it. But some of those close to Simpson believe that after he is released from prison on another matter, he will finally confess to killing his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Simpson is said to be tormented, and confessing his guilt in this crime will help him move on. Simpson cannot be punished for the crime, as double jeopardy applies, but if Simpson confesses, it would likely stop others from going after Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson.

OJ Simpson First Prison Photo Released

According to the Inquisitr, Martin Sheen is putting together a dramatic documentary that proclaims the innocence of OJ Simpson and puts the guilt in the murders squarely on Jason Simpson, OJ Simpson’s son from his first marriage.Certainly, as the father of Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen knows something about troubled sons, but Jason Simpson was close to his stepmother, Nicole Brown Simpson, and had no motive to kill her so brutally. OJ Simpson, on the other hand, had a history of violence with Nicole Brown Simpson. It is being suggested that Martin Sheen is attempting to cash in on the OJ resurgence with a dramatic twist that could ruin Jason Simpson’s life.

The Washington Post is quoting Ron Shipp, a one-time close Simpson friend, as saying that OJ Simpson is currently a mess and is close to confessing to the murders. Shipp, who used to be a Los Angeles police officer and part-time actor, had Simpson’s back for years and believes that Simpson is ready to spill the details of how he actually murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and, perhaps the bigger question, why.

“The guy is in total torment today. Someone told me he is 300 pounds and he looks horrible. O.J. has always felt his appearance meant everything and now, deep down inside, he is starting to live with himself.”

Shipp is likely no longer truly a Simpson confidante, as he testified at Simpson’s murder trial that Simpson told him that he had dreams of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

“I hope one day he actually will rid us of all the doubt and all the conspiracy theories and say, ‘Sorry I cannot go to prison [because of double jeopardy laws], but I am sorry I did it.’”

Shipp also says that he is dismayed that Jason Simpson is being accused of the murders in the Sheen documentary and says this is the time for Simpson to show some character and tell the world that his son didn’t do it.

“I got a call about a conspiracy theory about Jason [Simpson’s son from his first marriage] being the killer and I thought, man, come on Juice, just say, ‘my son didn’t do it.’”

The New York Daily News claims that OJ Simpson might be release soon from the Nevada prison, and to get a fresh start, he just might confess. Ron Shipp claims that even though OJ Simpson had told him of his dreams about killing Nicole Brown Simpson, his love for OJ Simpson blinded him to the idea that Simpson might actually go through with it and kill his former wife.

Shipp now says he just didn’t want to believe it was possible at the time, but after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered, he was sure that Simpson did it. Ron Shipp says that unlike many of Simpson’s other friends, he can sleep at night because he told the truth at the trial. Shipp says that he is one of the few without blood on his hands.

Do you think that OJ Simpson will ever confess to killing his ex-wife?

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