Kimbo Slice’s Death: No Autopsy To Be Conducted, ‘Nothing Suspicious’ About Fighter’s Death

Popular MMA fighter Kimbo Slice died suddenly on Monday, but that doesn’t mean the fighter’s death was in any way suspicious, according to the medical examiner.

According to TMZ, the Broward County medical examiner has decided that there is no “medical legal” reason to conduct an autopsy.

“We were informed of his death and after review of the circumstances, we declined jurisdiction. It is not a medical examiner case. No medical legal investigation, including toxicology is necessary.”

A source reportedly echoed the same feelings when talking to Hollywood Life. The source noted that Slice’s family had the option of asking for an autopsy, but the medical examiner’s office would not be performing one of its own accord.

“We’re not going to review his body or that case because it doesn’t meet our criteria under Florida Stature 406.11. He died in a hospital and presumably his physician knows his cause his death. Unless his family wants an autopsy, our office won’t be performing one.”

TMZ first broke the news that Kimbo Slice had been admitted to the hospital on Monday, reporting that the situation was “dire.” By 7:30 p.m., the 42-year-old MMA fighter had passed away. The report was confirmed by Scott Coker, the CEO of Bellator MMA, who released a statement praising Kimbo for his charismatic personality and his role as a family man.

“We are all shocked and saddened by the devastating untimely loss of Kimbo Slice, a beloved member of the Bellator family. One of the most popular MMA fighters ever, Kimbo was a charismatic, larger-than-life personality that transcended the sport,” the statement said. “Outside of the cage he was a friendly, gentle giant and a devoted family man. His loss leaves us all with extremely heavy hearts, and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Ferguson family and all of Kimbo’s friends, fans and teammates.”

Initial reports from his training partner Tyler Cook indicated that Kimbo Slice may have had a heart attack, and later reports from TMZ confirmed that Slice was having difficulty with his heart.

The media outlet reports that Kimbo was first admitted to the Northwest Medical Facility in Margate, Florida, near his home in Coral Gables, Florida, on June 3. At that time, Slice was reportedly told he had congestive heart failure and “desperately” needed a heart transplant. Additionally, Slice’s medical personnel reportedly had concerns about Slice’s liver.

Slice first gained notoriety nearly 13 years ago as a Miami-based street fighter and a bare-knuckle boxer. He quickly became a YouTube sensation, known for winning many backyard fights. He eventually signed a contract with the UFC and even appeared on The Ultimate Fighter in 2009.

Kimbo Slice, who’s real name is Kevin Ferguson, was last seen fighting in Bellator 149 back in February. Initially, the 42-year-old fighter won the fight against Dada 5000, but the win was later revoked when Slice tested positive for an anabolic steroid and elevated testosterone levels.

Before his untimely death, Kimbo Slice was scheduled to fight a rematch against James Thompson on July 16 in Bellator 158 in London.

Slice leaves behind six children — three girls and three boys — and his long-time girlfriend.

What do you think of the medical examiner’s decision not to do an autopsy after Kimbo Slice’s death?

[Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images]