'Southern Charm' Is Becoming Less Than Charming As Accusations Abound

Amy Feinstein

The fur started flying on Southern Charm last night as the season moves toward that epic dinner party that has been previewed since the first episode of this season's Southern Charm. Whether it's on the show or on social media, the name calling, finger pointing, and accusations that run the gamut from drug use to paternity questions are only increasing as Southern Charm cast member is pitted against cast member, leading to the end of the season. Will all of the drama bring the cast back for another season, or finally convince the cast of Southern Charm to finally pack it in.

According to the Inquisitr, the big bomb this year on Southern Charm was when Craig told Whitney in front of everyone that he understands why Whitney would be angry with Kathryn, considering that she dumped him for Thomas, breaking his heart. Whitney freaked out and seemed beyond uncomfortable that the focus was on him and that his secret was out. This set a new round of finger-pointing in motion on Southern Charm, and pitted Craig against Whitney, at least for the rest of the episode.

But perhaps that biggest kick in the gut this week for Shep, and the one that sends him running for cover was from Landon. Fans of Southern Charm have thought for a while that Landon thought Shep was dreamy, but last night she told him, and he almost choked to death. At this point, there was no female company on Southern Charm that was safe for Shep.

But it's not so much dinner as it is a roast, but the roast victims were not invited, and Patricia's doting boys, which include Thomas, JD, Whitney, and Shep, are happy to jump on the Southern Charm bashing bandwagon. The victims are, of course, Kathryn, and Kathryn's confidante and redheaded bestie, K. Cooper Ray. In her best faux Charleston drawl, Patricia tells her minions that both Kathryn and K. Cooper Ray are both liars, to which the boys essentially just nod in agreement, especially when it comes time to make accusations that there might be lies out there about the paternity of brand new baby boy Ravenel.

Thomas Ravenel is no stranger to drug rumors, and he lost his job in politics and did time in a Federal prison for cocaine use/dealing. A Twitter chat between Kathryn and a fan took place, revealing the new accusation.

"OH no Kathryn! That creepy porn star is with T-Rav again tonight!" the fan tweeted.

"Well molly must be there too or they wouldn't be together," Dennis wrote back, likely referring to MDMA, which causes euphoria, pleasure, and heightened sensations.

Do you think that anyone on the cast of Southern Charm actually has a genuine relationship?

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