Jasmine Richards: Black Lives Matter Activist Sentenced To 90 Days For Felony Lynching

Jasmine Richards, Black Lives Matter activist, has found herself in the media. Some are speculating that she is being targeted because of her ties with the organization. Richards is facing charges for interfering with the Pasadena Police while they were apprehending a suspect almost a year ago. Earlier this week, she received her sentencing to stay in county jail for approximately three months, while staying on probation for roughly three years.


According to the New York Daily News,Jasmine Richards was taken into custody by the Pasadena police in September of 2015, following her involvement in a riot-themed demonstration in La Pintoresca Park. Officers were dispatched to that location after receiving reports of a female exiting a restaurant located on North Fair Oaks Avenue without paying for her meal. That same lady joined a gathering of people that included a pre-Jasmine Richards, Black Lives Matter activist.

It was when the officers attempted to arrest the lady for not paying for her meal, Richards began to incite a riot with the remaining people at the demonstration. Although Jasmine Richards did not get arrested at the scene, she was taken into custody a few days later, after police had a chance to review the evidence and events of that day.


Richards did receive a lucky break, inciting a riot or as she was charged with, felony lynching, could garner a maximum sentencing of four years. However, she got away with just 90 days, which 18 of those days were already served.

The L.A. Times reported on other actions of Richards, including her involvement of acting out against the police for the killing of Kendrec McDade, a 19-year-old African-American male which many people haven’t heard about due to its earlier location in the timeline, years prior to Jasmine Richards, Black Lives Matter activist.


The support for Richards is vast, as not just African-Americans are lending her their support. People of all races are banding together to “Free Jasmine Now.” Over 80,000 people have even signed an online petition styled letter for Richards’ release.

Richards’ attorney stated that she would appeal the sentencing decision, but more than likely it would have no effect on reducing the time Richards would have to serve, nor would it affect her probationary period.

However, to an extent, the Black Lives Matter movement is becoming hardened, and the people that are within it are forging together. It’s almost as if Jasmine Richards, Black Lives Matter activist, is being looked at as sort of martyr in the eyes of her peers. Individuals that were worried and hesitant to join are jumping at a chance to join their ranks and show their support — Which is good for them. The Inquisitr reported on how the Black Lives Matter movement was getting the cold shoulder from United States and even Canadian citizens.

State Senator Holly Mitchell spoke critically about the verdict against Jasmine Richards, saying the following.

“Sadly, this case is likely to contribute to the notion that justice is selectively enforced.”

The Black Lives Matter official website issued a press release last week, quoting the words of Jasmine Richards attorney.

“The facts presented at trial did not support the charge. Attempted lynching requires a person to attempt to unlawfully take a person from the lawful custody of a peace officer.”

Jasmine Richards, Black Lives Matter activist, will no doubt have to do her time for doing her crime, as judged by the law, but many civilians are saying that there wasn’t any lynching at the scene of the alleged crime. Comment below, stating your opinion on this matter and let us know what you think really happened and if Jasmine Richards actually committed such a felony or not.

[Photo by AP Photo/Ted S. Warren]