‘GTA Online’ Players Can Now Own Offices And Warehouses, Buy And Sell Cargo For A Profit

Become a CEO, purchase warehouses, and move goods in the latest update to Grand Theft Auto V‘s online option. GTA Online is now home to the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update which gives players the power to lead powerful Organizations or join them in search of profit and mayhem.

CEOs are kingpin VIPs in GTA Online made so by their purchase of an executive office. With enough cash, players can purchase an office granting them the CEO title where exclusive privileges follow. In addition to customizing the office with a gun locker, safe, and more, the building also comes equipped with an Executive Assistant. Owning an office unlocks the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network where warehouses can be purchased to unlock new Special Cargo missions. Up to five warehouses can be owned by CEOs willing to buy and sell product according to the update’s announcement on the official website.

“An executive office also includes private access to the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network, which you’ll use to invest in Warehouses and traffic rare and exotic product throughout the city. Warehouses store all Special Cargo and storage space is valuable; manage your inventory wisely and maximize your margins by selling when the prices are right.”

Grand Theft Auto V Overfilling a warehouse will make you a target [Image via Rockstar Games]Buy and sell missions in GTA Online become more difficult depending on the amount of cargo being moved. Keeping a lot of inventory around will cause pressure on the CEO and his or her Associates. Full warehouses are subject to attacks, and players will need to defend their stock or suffer a profit loss as the Inquisitr reported. Of course, running and managing an Organization is just part of the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update. CEOs and their Associates gain exclusive benefits.

CEOs are not restricted to any bank balance requirements, cooldowns, or time limits to become one. New outfits for both the CEO and his or her Organization members are available, and new CEO vehicles become available after the purchase of various warehouses. Associates of a CEO will receive increased RP gain and a 100 percent health regeneration buff while near their CEO. They also earn bonus wages, up to $10,000, for each mission their CEO completes.

Grand Theft Auto V Earn more experience while near your CEO [Image via Rockstar Games]Three new VIP Works, two new VIP challenges, and one new Adversary Mode are also included in the GTA Online update. The new VIP Works are designed for one or more players while the two new VIP Challenges require two or more players. The latest Adversary Mode, Trading Places, is designed for two to 10 players looking to battle.

“In the land of the Haves and the Have-Nots, this Adversary Mode is your chance to engage in some aggressive social climbing. The Winners team is destined for success, the Losers team is doomed to fail, and there’s only one way to move between the two: ruthlessly murder a Winner and take their place. There’s also Double RP to benefit from this week when trying out this new Adversary Mode, compliments of the Playlist that’s available directly from the GTAV boot screen.”

In addition to the new CEO, Associates, offices, and warehouses gameplay, the latest update also added eight new cars, two new aircraft, and one new boat. New purchasable vehicles include the Benefactor XLS, the Benefactor XLS (Armored), the Bravado Rumpo Custom, the Enus Windsor Drop, the Grotti Bestia GTS, the HVY Brickade (Pegasus Vehicle), the Pegassi Reaper, and the Vapid FMJ. Two Buckingham aircraft are now available alongside the new boat, Tug. The Cargobob and its variant are also now purchasable in GTA Online.


The update also unlocked 250 clothing items that were previously available only to VIPs. Now all players can buy and don these items at their discretion. Other minor changes include the ability for two players to get into a GTA Online bed simultaneously now in addition to a mountain of general fixes. For the full list of updates and changes, head over to the Rockstar Games support page.

[Image via Rockstar Games]