Firestorm Over Donald Trump's Racism, Obamacare Defeats Republicans, And Undocumented Immigrant Anger

Jon Mark

Donald Trump is under fire from fellow Republican leaders who are telling him to tone down his anti-Mexican rhetoric after he claimed that a judge who is ruling over his Trump University fraud case was biased against him because he was Hispanic.

In a similar case, the Inquisitr is reporting that California is looking to extend Obamacare benefits to illegal immigrants, which is also stirring up controversy on the same day that the Associated Press is reporting that the GOP Senate dropped their effort to defund the Affordable Care Act when they were voting on a spending measure.

In the comments section of the AP story, one person made a connection as to why the American people are so angry.

"Another fail of the Republicans, as they wonder why people are voting for Trump"

"Top bill sponsors Roy Blunt, R-MO., and Patty Murray, D-Wash., instead focused their efforts on boosting medical research, year-round Pell Grants for low-income college students, and a major boost in funding to treat opioid or heroin addicts."

The bill, according to the article by Inquisitr, is apparently already on the California Governor's desk, but there is debate as to how involved the federal government is with offering the "loophole" for the state to be able to allow illegal immigrants from benefiting from the ACA.

Over the years, the GOP House and Senate have been united in their front to defund the Affordable Care Act or otherwise lovely referred to as Obamacare. They have added other measures to many unrelated bills to get the president to sign them but have resulted in nothing but vetoes.

For instance, even Senator Ted Cruz suggested that Arab communities be surveilled for radical Islamic terrorists, which also resulted in a backlash.

Many Republican leaders, along with conservative media, have even claimed that Middle Eastern terrorists have been able to exploit the "porous" Southern border to embed themselves in American society.

Over the last few weeks, as Trump was traveling through California, reports were coming in about protesters -- mostly pro-immigration -- who were attacking Trump supporters for his stance on building a wall, deporting millions of illegal -- likely Mexican -- immigrants, enough to cause discomfort among his party.

And judging from the determination of both the party of Donald Trump and the Republican Party to get to the White House, there is no doubt that they, the issues on immigration, and the Affordable Care Act, will only infuriate more Americans.

[Image by I threw a guitar at him via Flickr/CC BY 2.0]