Does ‘CSI Cyber’ Actor Charley Koontz Have A New Gig Yet? Fans Tweet Support

Fans that loved actor Charley Koontz on Community or CSI: Cyber have been overwhelmed that their favorite actor has had their show canceled, but it does not mean that it is over for Charley.

Instead, after viewing his social media, it is clear that Charley Koontz has been doing more than acting or directing and has been using his time between gigs to give back to his community… and have a lot of fun.

CBS canceled CSI: Cyber and fans want to know what is next for Charley Koontz
Charley Koontz fans are expecting announcements about his next project since "CSI: Cyber" was canceled by CBS. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

It is difficult for Charley Koontz fans to deal with the idea that he will not be on Season 3 of CSI: Cyber in the fall as his character Daniel Krumitz, and there is a fan blog on Tumblr that might suffer withdrawals.

On Twitter, fans are still tweeting Charley Koontz since the cancellation of the show in mid-May with one fan posting “you are still my eye candy” and another writes “Hadn’t heard of you before CSI:Cyber. Now a huge fan! I’ll follow you, wherever you go! Best of luck to you!”


Of course, the big question from many fans on Twitter about Charley Koontz is “got anything else coming up that we might see you in?” After all, Charley Koontz has had a role in a number of television shows besides Community and CSI: Cyber such as Royal Pains, Modern Family, and Cleaners.

About the show being canceled, Deadline wrote on May 12 that Charley Koontz and CSI: Cyber may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and CBS was interested in ending the show despite the profits that would have been made from selling the show overseas, for example.

Although "CSI: Cyber" was part of a franchise, CBS decided to end the series after only two seasons. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The show that starred Charley Koontz also had a lot of support from the original 2000 CSI creator, Anthony Zuiker, and Independent quoted Zuiker stating the following about CSI: Cyber around May 13.

“It’s an amazing franchise and a very solid show. Because the future of crime is cyber, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue.”

Of course, Charley Koontz was extremely excited to land a larger role in a major television series and may not have realized it would be canceled after two seasons. For example, Assignment X interviewed Charley Koontz around December 20, 2015 about the second season of CSI: Cyber and he stated the following.

“[The first season of CSI: Cyber] was difficult, because it is difficult. It’s a lot of big concepts that are somewhat abstract. By the end of the first season, we got really comfortable. So it was a little bit of a learning curve, but we’re doing a lot more character stuff this year as well.”

While Charley Koontz has a long list of credits on IMDb, there are no new announcements since the cancellation of CSI: Cyber about any shows, movies or projects Charley Koontz might have in the fall.

This can be disappointing for Charley Koontz fans since fellow CSI: Cyber actor, Bow Wow, already has a new show lined up, according to Enstarz.

In the meantime, Charley Koontz was recently at an event for the handheld 3D printer, CreoPop, with Ian Chen, Hudson Yang, and Forrest Wheeler from the television show Fresh Off The Boat, according to Examiner.

Charley Koontz is also still doing activism with body acceptance for the U.K.’s Be Real campaign and frequently tweets about being an American ambassador of the organization.

Among other events, Charley Koontz has been doing good deeds by helping build homes in Hollywood, according to his Instagram account.

However, fans should not be distressed because Charley Koontz has a wide range of talents, and this means he could be found in unexpected places in the future. For instance, Charley Koontz has shown fans in the past that he can dance, according to MSN.

Charley Koontz is also interested in style and is considered by many of his fans to be a fashionista, according to Chubstr.

Finally, if fans are looking for more clues about Charley Koontz’s future after CSI: Cyber, his Twitter or Instagram account are regularly updated with good news about his career.

[Picture by Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images]