‘The Sims 4’ Players Can Create, Own, And Run Restaurants With ‘Dine Out’ Game Pack, Out Now

Create custom restaurants, manage them, or take Sims out for a night on the town with the latest game pack for The Sims 4. The “Dine Out” game pack gives players the power to run their own restaurants or simply visit them. Build a new establishment from the ground up or pick up a new restaurant from the Gallery to get started.

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Choose employees, their attire, and train them for better results [Image via Electronic Arts]
Sims can own a restaurant and manage it with the new pack; however, they will not be working at the eatery. Sims that own restaurants are the Simoleons behind the scenes, and it is their duty to keep the restaurant successful. According to the official website, managing a diner or bistro takes a bit of management prowess. In addition to saving the cash to buy the restaurant, owners will need to hire staff, train employees, and even advertise their establishment.

“Your household finances are distinct from your business finances. Be sure to click the Transfer Funds button in the Ownership panel to secure some simoleons for your business. This money will be needed to purchase furniture, pay for advertising, and cover staffing costs. You’ll need to put money down if you want to earn big long term!”

As customers visit the restaurant, they will be reviewing it with each meal. Players will need to watch the establishment and how their employees handle certain situations to improve their rating. Monitoring staff, disciplining wrongdoing, and training valuable employees is just part of the fun in “Dine Out.”

“You’ll need to watch your staff in action to know how things are going. If you cannot tell from their behavior, look at the reactions over the heads of your customers. They will gain or lose stars, based on how well your staff is performing. Be sure to scold staff when they’re out of line, or invest in teaching them new skills to prevent a repeat. If some staff members are truly unruly, drop the hammer and show them the door!”

Successful restaurants will make more Simoleons for the owner, and advertising is a great way to attract more visitors. The Sims 4 players can purchase advertisements to grow their business; however, they will have to choose the right moment. Advertising when the restaurant and employees are not ready for new patrons can cause bad impressions and lead to poor ratings. Invest cash at the right time and prepare to earn even more thanks to the “Dine Out” pack.

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Sims can visit restaurants for dates [Image via Electronic Arts]
Like other game packs for The Sims 4, “Dine Out” is $20 via retailers like Origin. Players eager to get started can buy it now, but those on the fence can always wait. Stuff, game, and expansion packs often go on sale via Origin sometimes as much as half off. With six stuff packs, three game packs, and two expansions packs, players have plenty of ways to enrich their gameplay. That can be a little overwhelming to the wallet, though. Luckily, all packs are discounted regularly even if it means waiting on a new pack release.

The Sims 4 continues to update with free updates and paid packs like “Dine Out” regularly. Although “Dine Out” is the latest game pack, a stuff pack themed for child Sims is announced and the most recent free update drastically changed the Create-A-Sim engine. As the Inquisitr reported, the current update lets players customize Sim genders and opens up 700 items to all Sims rather than being restricted to either male of female Sims. Customizing a gender lets players select new preferences for how a Sim goes to the bathroom and whether or not they can become pregnant, for instance. The patch also adjusted some lighting issues, fixed a few general issues, and more. Head over to EA.com for the full list of notes including past updates.

Will you be opening up an eatery in The Sims 4 now?

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