Still Remembered: 15th Anniversary of Princess Di’s Death

15 years ago today, we heard the tragic news of the death of Britain’s “Queen of Hearts”, Princess Di.

As stated by NBC News, the world looked on in horror at the footage of a paparazzi chase that caused her driver to lose control and slam into a pillar in Paris’ Pont de l’alma tunnel.

The Princess of Wales, who was only 36 at the time died alongside her friend Dodi Al-Fayed. Soon images of her crippled Mercedez Benz S280 and the young princess at her funeral started to surface for public eyes to see.

In order to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Diana’s death, many are planning on paying their respects at her former home, Kensington Palace.

“The palace’s Golden Gates, site to the sea of flowers and tributes 15 years ago, are as iconic as ever and have been recently re-gilded as part of a £12 million ($19 million) renovation,” said Tim Powell, Digital Media Manager for the Historic Royal Palaces.

Though the palace does not plan to hold an official commemoration, Powell said “we also have ‘Diana: glimpses of a modern princess’ — a small display of dresses worn by Diana.”

Other people might plan to remember Princess Di in their own way. Some of her most loyal fans might go out to Cafe’ Diana, a little restaurant that Diana used to dine at in the Bayswater district in London.

“For the last anniversary we had many people come here specially to remember Diana from Germany, France, all across Europe, and from America,” said restaurant manager Fouad Fattah.

“Some people cry as they see her photographs and talk about her,” he said, adding that the café would put out flower and candle arrangements on Friday.

Cafe Owner, Abdul Doad, purchased the venue in late 1988, and decided to name it after the princess when he saw her pass by while taking her kids to school. He saw it as a good omen and made the decision to name it Cafe Diana.

After seeing the restaurant’s name, she smiled and pointed it out to her children. Then later, she returned with only her bodyguard accompanying her.

“She asked why I had named it Café Diana to be sure it was named after her because she thought it could be named after my mother or my wife,” Doad said, adding that their funny talk let to a years-long friendship between the two.

Princess Diana was once referred to as “the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana,” by her brother Earl Spencer. She lives on in her sons, her charity work, and in the hearts of her fans.

There are many ways to remember Princess Diana today. She was a caring woman with a huge heart and a warm embrace, and she deserves to still be remembered today.