Britney Spears’ Bikini Photo Tweet Shows Off Her Toned Physique

Britney Spears’ bikini photos posted on Twitter showcase the singer’s efforts to get in tip-top shape this summer. Britney Spears tweeted her bikini photos Friday morning, before embarking on a journey to find the pop sensation of the future for X Factor. Britney Spears was clad in only a revealing bikini, a nice tan, and some oddly thick-rimmed glasses.

Spears noted that she was “having some fun in the sun” and did not want summer to be over yet, in her bikini photo Twitter post. Both Britney Spears’ weight fluctuations and mental health state have been a topic of discussion by fans and foes alike during the past several years, according to the Daily Mail. A year ago Britney Spears was the focus of some rude comments about her weight while on her Femme Fatale tour.

Britney Spears, 30, remains under a court ordered conservatorship in both her personal and professional endeavors. Despite a recent hearing where the singer maintained she was ready to take control of her own life, the judge kept the order in place, as previously reported on Inquisitr.

The pop star will begin appearing on the X Factor, on the Fox Network, on September 12. Britney Spears is assuming the judge’s chair vacated by Nicole Scherzinger. Preview video clips of the X Factor depict a giggly and apparently happy Britney Spears. One X Factor trailer shows Spears and a male contestant engaged in a bit of a flirting session. Spears tells the handsome male X Factor contender that he has a “nice soothing voice” and she wished he could wake her up in the mornings.