Andre Parker’s Wrong Way Return Earns ‘Stupidest Play Of The Year’ Award [Video]

The football season is just starting but we may have already found the winner for the “stupidest play of the year” award. Andre Parker of Kent State picked up a fumbled football and returned it 58 yards in the wrong direction.

But really, that’s not what makes this play so stupid.

The punt return team from Townson could have let Parker run the wrong way all the way into their end zone. But for some, inexplicable reason, they chased him down and tackled him.

According to ESPN, Kent State punted to Townson’s Derrick Joseph late in the first half. Joseph called for a fair catch but let the ball bounce in front of him. The ball then grazed Joseph’s arm making it a live ball.

Parker realized that his team had a great opportunity to score good field position and scooped up the football at Townson’s 7-yard line. He then proceeded to evade defenders as he ran the wrong way down the field. Eventually, Parker was caught by two Townson players and forced out-of-bounds.

Here’s the video of the play.

Fortunately for Andre Parker and Penn State, the play was returned to the spot where Parker grabbed it. According to ESPN the refs ruled that a muffed punt cannot be returned.

Which really just makes the play even more eligible for the “Stupidest Play of the Year” Award. Parker ran the wrong way. Townson tackled him. And the refs botched the call. That’s three pretty big mistakes on one play.