WWE News: Triple H Confirms He Is Trying To Officially Sign TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young

It should go without saying that Triple H is a WWE legend. You can love or hate him, but it does not erase the accomplishments he has had during his career. Due to his understanding of the pro-wrestling world as well as his ability to know the business itself, he was the perfect person to put in charge of Talent Relations. He was given this role a couple years back and since then, he has signed some impressive stars that we see in the company today. On top of that, he has been responsible for getting some talent in better positions, like Seth Rollins, for example.

One day, he felt that the developmental stars could use a show similar to what they were doing with FCW, and that allowed the WWE NXT show to be born. After the NXT Takeover events started up, the NXT show got a lot more viewership. The major names being added from around the world only made the NXT product better. This allowed NXT to become a third brand for the WWE, which was huge for the company.

The major names Triple H has brought in truly are the reason for the NXT greatness. While WWE would love to take all the credit for the success of the show, the stars are the ones who made it worth watching. Of course, WWE did have to sign them. It makes sense for WWE to sign even more major names from the world of the independents and even major free agents. Enter former TNA World Champions Bobby Roode and Eric Young.

Bobby Roode NXT

Both men have appeared on WWE shows once. Roode appeared at the Dallas NXT Takeover event before WrestleMania 32. Meanwhile, Eric Young wrestled on an NXT event shortly after this. Neither man has appeared since then, which made many wonder if they would be signed at all. Thankfully, Triple H was able to address the situation during the NXT Takeover conference call.

He was asked about them and mentioned he was working on getting them under an official deal. This refutes some reports that have claimed both men were already signed to a WWE deal. He also said to stay tuned, which probably means more than we think. On top of that, he said that both were talented and looks forward to working with them.

All of this clearly means that The Game is probably going to sign both men to a new deal soon, if he has not already. Triple H could be keeping their signing under wraps for a good reason, which would be fine. Unlike Young, Bobby Roode has not appeared in a match for the WWE. Many think that this could change sooner rather than later.

Eric Young NXT

The rumor is that Roode will have a role in the WWE NXT Takeover: The End show that takes place tonight on the WWE Network. Some assume he’ll get involved in the NXT Title picture by inserting himself in the Samoa Joe and Finn Balor match in some way. Either that, or he could come out once the match concludes. Balor is expected to leave NXT for the main roster at the NXT special. That means someone needs to come into the title picture that would make sense to replace him, star-wise.

While there have been rumors of the winner between Shinsuke Nakamura and Austin Aries getting a title shot, some feel that Roode’s presence would trump that and allow him to be involved in the NXT Title picture by the NXT Brooklyn show taking place a few months from now.

While it is obviously not confirmed Bobby Roode will appear tonight, there are strong indications that he will due to how things have gone. Many believe that WWE could have brought Roode to television well before now, but just wanted to save him for the big Takeover event tonight. Even if he doesn’t show up tonight, it does look likely that both he and Eric Young will be part of the WWE before too long.

[Image via WWE]