Donald Trump: Lindsey Graham Urges Republicans To Un-Endorse Reality TV Star Over Judge Comments

Senator Lindsey Graham has no love for Donald Trump. In fact, he’s had a long standing feud with the reality TV star and presumptive Republican nominee. That feud reached a fever pitch last summer when Donald Trump gave Lindsey Graham’s personal cell phone number out at a political event. As CNN reports, that Trump publicity stunt took place after a war of words that began when Graham publicly called The Donald a “jackass.”

Now, the North Carolina Senator is calling out Donald Trump’s recent comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who has a Mexican heritage. The judge in question is handling the infamous Trump University case, and according to Donald Trump, that judge’s Mexican parentage is preventing The Donald from getting a fair trial.

Lindsey Graham says that Trump’s critical words are a shameful example of playing “the race card.” Not only that, Senator Graham believes Donald Trump’s cynical criticism of Judge Curiel is “very un-American,” reports CNN.

“I don’t think he’s racist but he’s playing the race card. And in the political process he’s putting the race card on the table. I think it’s very un-American for a political leader to question whether a person can judge based on his heritage. If he continues this line of attack then I think people really need to reconsider the future of the party.”

donald trump mexican [Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]Senator Lindsey Graham took his critique of Donald Trump even further when he suggested that Republican supporters of Trump should rescind their endorsement of the party’s presumptive presidential nominee based on Donald Trump’s words about the judge, as well as what Trump said about a hypothetical Muslim judge.

On Sunday, during a Face the Nation interview, Donald Trump was asked if he believed that a Muslim judge would also treat him unfairly based upon his campaign platform of banning Muslims from entering the United States if he becomes president.

“It’s possible, yes. Yes. That would be possible, absolutely.”

In the wake of the fallout from his comments, Trump has come out and said that his words were “misconstrued.”


According to Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump’s views are “the most un-American thing from a politician since Joe McCarthy.”

“If anybody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it. There’ll come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hillary.”

Senator Graham isn’t the only one who has criticized Donald Trump’s un-presidential opinion that a judge with Mexican heritage is unable to provide him with a fair trial.


According to Trump, a “Mexican judge” can’t treat him fairly because he wants to build a wall along the U.S.’s southern border.

For the record, Judge Curiel is not “a Mexican.” He was born in Indiana and is unequivocally an American.

Donald Trump has yet to comment on Lindsey Graham’s call for him to be un-endorsed by Graham’s fellow Republicans, but “Trump surrogate” Chris Christie has come out in defense of his former rival and current pal. According to Governor Christie, Lindsey Graham’s words don’t matter.

“Lindsey’s lost any credibility he’s had. He should worry about going back to South Carolina and trying to rebuild his base in South Carolina or he won’t be in the United States Senate for much longer.”

Lindsey Graham [Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images]Lindsay Graham has publicly said that he won’t be supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but he says that he had a “cordial” phone conversation with the presumptive Republican nominee in May. For the record, Graham was once in direct competition for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, but he dropped out of the race in December due to his lack of popularity among the voter base.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump’s campaign has been ensnared in controversy. Indeed, controversial and un-politically correct comments seem to have become the candidate’s M.O. His loyal voter base doesn’t seem to be swayed by comments that are frequently viewed as racists or sexist, and his campaign has come out of each previous scandal virtually unscathed.

What do you think? Did Donald Trump cross a line with his comments about Gonzalo Curiel? Is calling out a natural born American citizen’s ethnicity appropriate for a presidential candidate? Do you agree with Lindsey Graham’s opinion that Republicans should un-endorse Donald Trump?

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