Texas Woman Used LinkedIn to Promote Her Meth Business

A Texas woman accused of cooking methamphetamine allegedly used her LinkedIn account to conduct business, according to the Houston Press. 25-year-old Lindsay Ann Grice was charged with the crime after her meth lab exploded, scorching her partner in the process. In addition to the illegal drug operation, police also uncovered a cache of stolen goods at the residence. Grice, it would seem, has been a very busy woman.

“What happened was there were two individuals making what’s called a shake in bake. It’s a one person hit cooker,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland explained to the Cypress Creek Mirror. “Somehow the guy did not know what he was doing and it exploded. The vapors caught fire. It singed his hair; it singed his face and upper body.”

Although the house wasn’t damaged in the explosion, an unidentified man was badly burned in the blaze. After taking the wounded guy to the hospital, Grice and her accomplice, 37-year-old Thurman Lee Hall, quickly rushed back to their home to dispose of the evidence. Before they could properly cover up their crimes, police descended on the property and arrested the suspects.

The Houston Press reports that Grice and Hall were originally charged with manufacturing and possessing meth. After investigating the matter, the pair are now facing an additional charge of arson while manufacturing a controlled substance.

In order to help spread the word about her meth operation, Lindsay Ann Grice took to LinkedIn to network with those in the market for some illegal drugs. In addition to “consulting offers” and “expertise requests,” Grice was also down for “new ventures” and “business deals.” Although the suspect claimed to be a chemical expert and a self-proclaimed baller, police weren’t overly impressed with her setup.

“It wasn’t really a meth lab, so to speak,” Deputy Gilliland explained. “The whole area was about the size of a shoebox.”

As of this writing, both Grice and Hall are being held at Harris County Jail without bail.