Will ‘Bachelorette’ Bully Chad Johnson Redeem Himself On ‘Bachelor In Paradise,’ Or Will His ‘Roid Rage’ Continue?

When Chris Harrison named Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson as one of this season’s “five guys to watch,” he wasn’t kidding. The 28-year-old luxury real estate agent seems to be getting more attention than Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and it’s a no-brainer that this season’s mega-villain is helping ABC secure the top spot in the Monday night ratings game.

How much longer will JoJo keep Chad around, will he punch anymore doors (or contestants), and are the rumors true that Chad-aggedon is currently in Mexico filming the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise?

[Warning: Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers ahead]

According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers, Chad Johnson’s time with JoJo will come to an end before the Episode 4 (June 7) rose ceremony. Of course, he won’t leave the Bachelor mansion quietly. Mostly because he’s Chad.

Before he makes his grand departure, JoJo will take Chad and his archrival, Alex Woytkiw, on a two-on-one date. Long-time Bachelorette fans know that the lead doesn’t get to pick who goes on the date — it’s all about who will cause the most drama. The Chad-Alex pair-up is ratings gold, but it’s what happens after the date that will get fans talking on Twitter.

Spoilers indicate that JoJo gives Alex the rose, and that means Chad will have to pack up all of his protein powder and the $7,000 wardrobe he purchased for the show and head to Mexico for another round of douchebaggery on Bachelor in Paradise.

Get details on Chad’s next villain gig below, but first, here’s what will go down before he leaves the Bachelorette.

In past seasons, the guy who doesn’t get the rose on the two-on-one date pack their bags before the date and leave as soon as they are eliminated. There’s no going back to the mansion or hotel (depending on where the episode is filmed) to say goodbye to the other guys.

Of course, producers changed things up this season and not because any of the other contestants wanted to say goodbye to him. In what will be another opportunity for Chad to make a scene, viewers will see him return to the mansion to confront several guys, including Jordan Rodgers.

“The guys are partying back at the resort when Alex comes back celebrating that Chad is gone,” Reality Steve states. “[B]ut the show for whatever reason lets Chad come back to the resort and sees this, and apparently gets in Jordan’s face and hell breaks loose. He started poking Jordan in the face and it got physical.”

The rest of the season is Chad-free, but according to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Chad headed to Mexico on Saturday to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, which also includes the always controversial Nick Viall.

Filming gets underway this week with a cast that is rumored to include several girls from Ben’s season, a number of contestants from BIP Season 2, and some of JoJo’s guys including Evan Bass, Grant Kemp, Vinny Venteria, Christian Bishop, and James Taylor.

Will Chad continue to display what Jordan Rodgers called “roid rage,” or will he attempt to redeem himself and shed his villain image in Paradise? It’s controversy, not a love story, that makes many people watch the show, so it will be a complete shocker if he changes his persona.

Watch Chad Johnson’s last night on the Bachelorette at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Find out how things turn out for Johnson and the rest of the cast when the Bachelor in Paradise premiere airs on August 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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