Jordan Matter’s Uncovered shows us NYC, with boobs

We call it the naked city, but did you know getting your tatas out ain’t so illegal up in here?

Jordan Matter’s new book Uncovered: Women In Word and Image was inspired by Janet Jackson’s most controversial nip-slip of all time at the Superbowl. If someone just moved the rock, Jackson’s nipple was exposed for a nanosecond under some kind of weird nipple dungeon and American freaked the frick out. Most Americans were terrified for the children (who may or may not have been eating from breasts directly before seeing one on TV) but Chris Rock did say “right idea, wrong titty.”

Matter said she began thinking about the “culture of covering up,” and the idea for the book came about. It makes sense- despite being perfectly legal, I would see many topless men on warm days in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but never a set of tatas on the C train. Such a double standard.

Matter snaps women out and about in the city, and uses women of a variety of ages and body shapes- it’s not just Girls Gone Wild: The Lexington Avenue Line. Below are some mildly NSFW excerpts of breasts in the wild in New York.


[Via: The Frisky]