Lindsay Lohan Blames Film Producers For Unpaid $46,000 Hotel Bill

Lindsay Lohan owes $46,000 to the famed Chateau Marmont and as usually she has an excuse for her actions. According to the former A-list star the producers on her film Liz & Dick had agreed to pay for her lavish lifestyle during shooting.

The films producers completely deny Lohan’s newest excuse. The film team has good reason to deny the claim, Lohan has been on a lying spree for years, claiming the cocaine in her pocket was found in “borrowed jeans” and that the jewelry she stole was loaned to her.

According to TMZ the massive hotel bill includes payment for her two-month stay alongside a massive mini bar bill.

Lohan claiming Liz & Dick producers were suppose to foot the bill seems a bit ridiculous considering her salary for the film was $100,000, half of the hotel bill.

Producers did admit that they gave Lohan $5,000 for her hotel room but only as an advance on her $100,000 salary.

Lohan has apparently known about the unpaid bill for a long time as the Chateau Marmont invoice was sent out on July 31.

Angel Alger tells CNN that Lohan’s troubles don’t end with the hotel bill and that the actress trashed a dress room trailer once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. According to Alger:

“I was specifically told that it would come back in pristine condition and in even better condition than it was at that time.”

Instead inside the returned trailer Alger found cigarette burns all over the furniture and fabric. The trailer was also returned with broken dishes and a broken mirror.

The cost of repairs to the damaged trailer? Alger claims they have skyrocketed to more than $100,000 after including a missing chair that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

Alger says of Lindsay Lohan’s actions:

“Only a psychotic and rebellious person or people would steal irreplaceable museum belongings and leave it in this vandalized condition.”

Lindsay Lohan’s rep responded to the trailer destruction by telling Yahoo’s OMG:

“This has nothing to do with Lindsay. You should ask the producers about it.”

Perhaps its time for Hollywood film producers to cut off Lindsay Lohan completely.