‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Injured, New Face Explained?

Days of Our Lives is upping the stakes this summer, and viewers are about to get a lot of juicy new storylines. However, the saga of Chad and Abby may be one of the most shocking.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the character of Abigail, played by Kate Mansi, is about to go through yet another tragedy. It seems that Abby can’t catch a break, as she’s recently been kidnapped and nearly killed by her former boyfriend, Ben Weston, and then driven to a mental breakdown because of it.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Abigail is currently in a mental hospital getting help for her issues. However, it doesn’t seem to be working, and Abby has asked her family, including husband Chad DiMera, to stop visiting her. Chad is taking the separation very hard, but it’s about to get even harder.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that there is going to be a fire at the hospital where Abigail is currently residing and that the character may be badly burned. Of course, Abby will live, but will her burns, and the cosmetic surgery she’ll likely have to endure afterward, lead to a brand new look for her?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Marci Miller recast as Abigail after Kate Mansi departure. [Image via Instagram]As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fan favorite actress Kate Mansi is leaving the long-running NBC soap opera, and a new actress has been chosen to replace her. Mansi will last air in June, and her replacement, Marci Miller, will first be shown sometime in the fall.

If Days of Our Lives wants to address the fact that Abigail will look very different, then her being burned in the hospital fire seems like a safe way to play the character’s new look, all the while adding drama and a brand new storyline to the soap.

Meanwhile, Kate Mansi isn’t the only beloved actress who will soon be gone from Salem. Jen Lilley, who plays the lovable bad girl, Theresa Donovan, has also announced her departure from the show. Lilley confirmed her Days of Our Lives exit this week on her Instagram account.

“It is with bittersweet sentiment that I find myself making this statement 6 months too soon. First, I would like to say your comments, support, and well wishes regarding my recent departure from the iconic daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, have melted my heart. Second, I have never enjoyed playing a character so much.”

While fans are wondering why Jen Lilley is leaving the show after three years on the air, it seems that the actress simply didn’t have enough time to pursue all of her goals, as well as spend time with her family. However, Lilley left the door open for a Theresa return in the future.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Jen Lilley leaving as Theresa Donovan.
[Image via NBC]

“Days of Our Lives and I are parting company on the best of terms. It came down to time and the sacrifices required to keep Theresa on the front burner. Given the demanding production schedule a soap requires, that just wasn’t possible with the other commitments and opportunities I wanted to pursue. As we all know in the world of soaps, goodbye for now isn’t always goodbye forever, who knows what the future has in store for Theresa.”

It seems that there are a lot of changes in store for Days of Our Lives fans, and the summer should bring about some new and exciting storylines for viewers to sink their teeth into.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers and casting shake-ups?

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