Is LeAnn Rimes Addicted To Twitter? Husband Eddie Cibrian Allegedly Wants Rimes Off Twitter

LeAnn Rimes’ husband Eddie Cibrian allegedly wants his frequently tweeting wife off Twitter. LeAnn Rimes is reportedly checking herself into a rehab facility to deal with “anxiety and stress” issues, Radar Online reports. LeAnn Rimes allegedly spent hours each day on Twitter, posting photos of herself in a bikini, sharing information and photos of Cibrian’s children and sometimes arguing with fans of her husband.

Eddie Cibrian was allegedly hoping that LeAnn Rimes tweeting days would come to an end, according to a Radar Online source who said:

“Eddie hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much. He would ask her to not meet people through Twitter and wanted her to get off of there. He thought she was out of control and not able to handle what she was doing.”

Whether or not LeAnn Rimes’ alleged Twitter addiction played a role in the stress and anxiety issues which prompted her decision that a rehab stay was a good idea, is unknown. Before LeAnn Rimes entered rehab, the country music singer allegedly exhibited “erratic” behavior with a Twitter poster. LeAnn Rimes allegedly phoned a woman who had stopped following on Twitter and cursed her removing Rimes from her follow list, according to Radar Online.

Kimberly Smiley, the school teacher Leann Rimes allegedly phoned about ending the Twitter follow, told Radar Online the singer said:

“Hey b**ch this is LeAnn, you have five minutes to say whatever you want to me.”

Earlier in August LeAnn Rimes entered in a very heated and public debate with a Twitter user who accused her of cheating on Eddie Cibrian.