Women Punched Toddler So Hard His Heart Ruptured

Two women violently assaulted a toddler in Scotland, which resulted in his death. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 31-year-old Rachel Trelfa and 28-year-old Nyomi Fee have been convicted in association with the horrifyingly violent death of 2-year-old Liam, who was Trelfa’s own son. The details of this case are shocking, but justice is being served in the death of the little boy.

The tragic incident took place in March, 2014. Authorities in Scotland were called to the apartment shared by Trelfa and her lover, Nyomi Fee. When police arrived at the flat, they discovered that 2-year-old Liam had been killed. At the time of the discovery, both women told police that the child had been slain by one of the two 7-year-old children who also lived in the home. Clearly, authorities did not believe the women, which resulted in the immediate launch of an investigation into his death. This ultimately led to the arrests and convictions of the two women.

Medical examiners say that the toddler was covered in numerous injuries, which had been in various stages of healing. However, what killed him was trauma so severe that his tiny heart ruptured. Pathologists ruled that Liam was punched in the chest so hard that it caused the fatal injury to his vital organ.

Liam, 2, also suffered from various broken bones that had not been treated. He had a broken arm and leg. Medical examiners say that his injuries were so severe that they were comparable to what victims of car crashes experience.

This is not the first time someone has blamed other children in the home for the violent abuse or death of another child. Earlier this year, a 35-year-old British woman was convicted of murdering a toddler that had been placed in her care. Like the violent death of 2-year-old Liam, the toddler in this case suffered various broken bones over the course of a handful of weeks while 35-year-old Kandyce Downer used her as a human punching bag. To make this case more twisted, the mother-of-four blamed her own 17-year-old son, telling authorities that he was the one who beat and abused the foster child to death.

In 2014, a Virginia woman was arrested on accusations that she killed her boyfriend’s 20-month-old daughter. The toddler died of a fractured skull after apparently falling down stairs in the home inhabited by the family. However, at the time of the Virginia woman’s arrest, she blamed the tot’s death on the child’s 8-year-old sister. However, medical examiners found that the 20-month-old child suffered injuries associated with “shaking and slamming.” Testimony given by a daycare worker also indicated that the toddler was afraid of the woman who was ultimately accused of her death.

As for this latest case out of Scotland, the two women convicted of killing 2-year-old Liam have not yet been sentenced. Their sentencing is scheduled for July 6, on which day they may be given sentences of life in prison.

It should be noted that these two women weren’t merely convicted of killing the 2-year-old child that Trelfa shared with her ex. The two other children in the home have testified that they were also victims of abuse, claiming that they were tortured along with the toddler. They were forced to stand naked in a cage for punishment, and were made to take freezing showers. They also testified that the women made them sleep in a room full of pet snakes, after scaring them into thinking they would be eaten by the pets.

When Liam died, the women convinced one of the 7-year-old boys to admit to killing him. He told police that they worked on even convincing him that he had done it. As part of the abuse and mental conditioning this child was forced to endure, the women made him put his hands in the mouth of the 2-year-old boy’s corpse. There is no doubt that the two surviving children in this case have been terribly traumatized.

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