Johnny Depp Abuse: Another Witness Comes Forward, Actor’s Career Likely Won’t Suffer

Johnny Depp has been spotted drinking until early hours of the morning, according to the Mirror. Apparently, the 52-year-old actor didn’t take the news about his wife, Amber Heard, divorcing him and accusing him of domestic violence well.

Heard claims Johnny Depp tried to suffocate her with a pillow, but the Pirates of the Caribbean actor denied the accusations. In fact, eyewitnesses who saw Depp drinking in the morning saw him have a row with his bodyguard.

Johnny Depp is currently touring with his supergroup Hollywood Vampires, and so obviously, their music tours include partying. But it appears that the actor and musician was spotted partying with an unknown blonde after the band’s gig in Denmark.

And when his bodyguard tried to intervene and urge Johnny Depp to go back inside, the actor, who turns 53 on Thursday, June 9, got into a disagreement with the bodyguard. Having refused to listen to his bodyguard, the actor was then seen drinking champagne until 4 a.m.

Over the 15 months of Johnny Depp and Heard’s marriage, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor allegedly abused his wife and even tried to suffocate her with a pillow, as told by the actress’ friend, according to Page Six.

In her exclusive interview with the Post, the anonymous friend of Heard revealed some terrifying details about the couple’s not-so-happy marriage. In an alleged incident that took place in December, when Johnny Depp tried to smother Heard with a pillow, the actress texted her friend.

And the concerned friend packed her stuff and went to Los Angeles to pay Johnny Depp and Heard a visit. What she discovered was shocking: The actress had “a cut and bruised lip, a swollen eye and a chunk of hair missing from the top of her head.”

“This incident really stuck with me because she confided in me that day that she feared for her life after an intoxicated Johnny tried to suffocate her with a pillow.”

Heard’s friend added that it wasn’t the only incident when Johnny Depp came home drunk and laid his hands on Heard. In fact, that same friend claims she had seen traces of Depp’s violent and abusive behavior on Heard’s body on several occasions.

Us Magazine reports that iO Tillett Wright, a close friend of Amber Heard, has spoken out regarding the allegations against Johnny Depp. It is unclear whether Wright is the anonymous friend that was quoted in other sources, but Wright is not afraid to put her name to her statements.

Wright is furious that the concierges from the apartment building where Johnny Depp and his wife live denied seeing any facial bruising on Heard after a particular alleged attack on May 21, calling it “bulls**t.”

“I’ve had enough. I saw the bruises. Many times. And the fat lip. And the cut head.”

Referring to the “culture of victim blaming,” Wright says that she was on the phone with Amber Heard while Johnny Depp hit her and that she heard her scream and would be happy to testify to that fact in court.

In fact, when Amber Heard filed for a restraining order on May 28, she named Wright as a witness due to the fact that they were on the phone together at the time the alleged attack took place.

Other sources cited by Entertainment Weekly claim that Johnny Depp injured his hand punching a wall during a fierce fight between himself and Heard last year. In fact, the injury was so bad that the actor had to rush back from Australia to the U.S. to undergo special surgery. Shooting for the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean then stalled for over a month.

In fact, according to sources, Johnny Depp and Heard’s marriage was on the verge of collapse after just three months together. But the two agreed to give that marriage a try for at least a year.

Alice Through the Looking Glass starring Johnny Depp may have been a disaster amid Heard’s accusations of domestic violence, but the actor’s multimillion-dollar paychecks aren’t going to suffer anytime soon, as Hollywood is full of “slime” who will still hire the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, according to the New York Post. And the publication says that it’s because all people in Hollywood care about is money, while audiences are happy to remain oblivious.

Take Mel Gibson’s racist and misogynist scandals, for example. The actor still managed to land a role in the last Expendables installment. Johnny Depp’s ongoing scandal could be also compared to Woody Allen’s. Despite the fact that Allen is accused of raping his stepdaughter, the filmmaker still manages to churn out critically acclaimed movies every year.

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