Emilia Clarke Has A Crush On Both Leonardo DiCaprio And Matt LeBlanc: Who Would She Choose?

Emilia Clarke has revealed that she has a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, according to the Daily Mail. The actress who plays the mother of dragons on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones described the Oscar-winning Revenant actor as her perfect man.

In her interview with People magazine, Emilia Clarke revealed DiCaprio would be her perfect pick to be a “Bond boy,” adding that she has a crush on the Titanic actor. In fact, the 29-year-old Game of Thrones star would even start dating Leo, but Emilia Clarke is not a model. DiCaprio has been romantically involved with models Gisele Bundchen, Toni Garrn, Kelly Rohrbach, and many others, which is why Clarke got the impression that the Revenant actor, who received his first ever Oscar earlier this year, dates only supermodels.

In what could be a hint at Leo, Emilia Clarke also described the perfect man she is looking for, and that man would have a brain as big as his “funny bone,” be “super smart,” have the natural ability to make Clarke laugh, and have “a dad bod.” It sure seems like a spot-on description of Leo!

But Emilia Clarke was quick to add that she is not looking for a six-pack in her perfect man, though adding she wouldn’t kick it out of bed “for sure.” The Game of Thrones actress also said that every character her onscreen characters have been with were “too perfect.” Was it a hint at Jason Momoa, her Game of Thrones co-star?

This is not the first time Emilia Clarke has expressed her affection for DiCaprio. The actress revealed in her exclusive interview with the Daily Star that Leo would be the perfect “Bond boy” while she would love to play Jane Bond.

And now that Daniel Craig, the current “Bond boy,” has recently rejected the offer to reprise his role of James Bond in the next two films of the franchise, could Emilia Clarke’s dreams come true? Will the masterminds behind the James Bond franchise listen to the Game of Thrones star’s opinion and consider Leo for the part?

“I have a lot of unrealized dreams. I would love to play Jane Bond. My ultimate leading man would be Leonardo DiCaprio. No doubt about it.”

Emilia Clarke has previously dated Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane as well as her Terminator Genisys co-star Jai Courtney. However, despite this big revelation about having a crush on DiCaprio, the actress likes to keep her personal life private.

And it appears that DiCaprio is not the only actor Emilia Clarke has a crush on, according to ET Online. In fact, Clarke also has a massive crush on former Friends star Matt LeBlanc.

It was seen from their guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show when both Emilia Clarke and LeBlanc sat down with Norton on the same couch, and the 29-year-old actress kept giggling and blushing throughout the show.

“How YOU doin??! Downright GIDDY now!! Bucket list accomplishment already underway with this gem (both in Joey and Matt form)… you made a 90’s girl oh so happy.”

And when LeBlanc said he had stopped watching Game of Thrones after Season 1, Emilia Clarke was all sweet and forgiving about it, assuring that it was the best season of the HBO show.

“It’s okay. You’ve seen the good bits.”

But before the talk show’s episode was over, Emilia Clarke had one specific request for the former Friends star: to ask her how she is doing. And LeBlanc listened to Clarke and recreated his Friends character’s iconic catchphrase, asking the 29-year-old actress, “How you doin’?”

And that’s where Emilia Clarke lost it and started giggling uncontrollably, saying that this pick-up has worked on her.

Watch the video here.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner]