You really can find anything on Craigslist… including your own kid, for sale!

A mommy-blogger from Massachusetts found something unexpected via the internet’s favorite place to source sex and a gently used sofa- her baby, for adoption.

Jenni Brennan started a blog to keep family and friends in the loop for all of her son Jacob’s milestones, and she was horrified to find him listed as up for adoption on the free-for-all community bulletin board. While Jacob was clearly never in any danger- it was merely a case of photo theft- Jenni still felt violated and shaken by the whole “seeing her kid for sale” thing. She spoke to the local news about her experience and newfound privacy controls:

“No, he (sic) definitely not available,” Brennan said.

“Never posted it anywhere, never advertised it anywhere — it’s just sort of out there,” Brennan said of the blog. “Never felt the need to make it private, because we weren’t sharing identifying information about ourselves. It was just photos and blurbs about our day.”

The posting claimed that Jacob was born in Canada and was currently residing in an orphanage in Cameroon. Jenni reported the incident to the FBI and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, and advises all potential mommy-bloggers to keep their blogs private to avoid unauthorized usage of their kids’ pictures.

Your baby’s pictures- someone finally wants to see them! I don’t know what she’s getting het up about, though, I think a screenshot of the posting would be an awesome baby book page. And seriously, Jenni, I can totally see this being parlayed into a Lifetime Movie!