Kylie Jenner Furious As Tyga Alleges She Cheated With PartyNextDoor, Kris Jenner Steps In To Mend Feud

Kylie Jenner is furious over Tyga supposedly claiming the 18-year-old cheated on him with PartyNextDoor.

Everyone, including Tyga, was rather stunned to have seen Jenner confirm her romance with the singer just days after splitting with the 26-year-old, which is said to have been the reason why the father-of-one is holding the cheating claims against Kylie.

According to a source, however, Kylie and PartyNextDoor were certainly not hooking up when the socialite was still with Tyga — the twosome were friends and eventually grew closer once PND learned that the TV personality was single again.

And since Kylie was so heartbroken over her split from Tyga, who allegedly cheated on her with dozens of women, Jenner certainly didn’t feel the need to waste her time crying about somebody who clearly didn’t love her the way she loved him.

There was never going to be a chance for Tyga and Kylie Jenner to reconcile after the 18-year-old learned of her ex-boyfriend’s alleged cheating affairs, so she has questioned herself why her former flame is now claiming that she stepped out on their relationship just because she ended up falling in love with a close friend of hers.

“Tyga doesn’t have a good memory because when Kylie connected with PARTYNEXTDOOR, they were done,” the source tells Hollywood Life.

“Kylie’s not like Tyga when it comes to breaking up. There’s no ambiguity or blurred lines. They were done! Kylie doesn’t believe in cheating and stepping out when she’s in a relationship. Tyga’s hurt. He’s trying to trash Kylie’s name and brand by saying she’s a cheater.”

Jenner seems to think that Tyga is trying to blame her for their split when it was the rapper who was said to have had endless affairs behind Kylie’s back.

Their breakup would have never happened had the “Rack City” hitmaker remained faithful to Jenner, whose mother, Kris Jenner, even helped the rapper land several endorsement deals out of kindness and for being a good boyfriend to the 60-year-old’s daughter — or so she thought.

It is believed that Kris is still trying to play peacemaker between the two, but Kylie is fuming over the allegations Tyga is said to have made against her because they are completely untrue.

While Kylie Jenner had wanted to remain cordial with Tyga following her decision to dump him, the father-of-one has shown her nothing but disrespect following their breakup, leading Kylie with no other choice but to completely distance herself from the man she once considered the love of her life.

The source concluded by saying that Kylie has allegedly blocked Tyga from all of her social media accounts. The rapper still has her number, but according to reports, Jenner is not answering any calls from Tyga, nor will she respond to any of his text messages.

All in all, it seems as if this breakup has turned rather nasty all for the supposed fact that Tyga is now alleging Kylie Jenner cheated on him with PartyNextDoor.

Ironically enough, during their time together, it was Tyga who consistently made headlines for reportedly having slept with dozens of women behind Kylie’s back. Not once was there a headline that claimed the 18-year-old had stepped out of the couple’s relationship and hooked up with another man behind Tyga’s back.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]