WWE News: WWE Planning On Expanding The Club, Finn Balor To Join After ‘NXT Takeover’?

The Club has been embroiled in some major situations since forming on WWE television. WWE wanted to catch on the Bullet Club train. Due to the fact that members from the faction were signed to WWE this year, it made total sense to try and make an impact with them in the WWE. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows all made waves with the group, so putting them together on television was really a no-brainer at the end of the day.

Many feel that there might be a need to add members to the WWE version of The Club, similar to how the original is doing it now. In fact, the Bullet Club has been known as a group similar to the NWO, where members were added off and on. Some left and others were forcibly removed. Recently, ROH stars Adam Page and Adam Cole were added to the group, and the thought is that this could be huge for both men and possibly help Ring of Honor. It won’t, seeing as nothing ROH has done with NJPW has really helped them. The idea made sense in theory, though.

In the WWE, meanwhile, the company feels like expanding the group would make a lot of sense. According to the Daily Wrestling News, there has been talk within the WWE about expanding the group. While there are no concrete plans at this present time, there has been some talk of adding people such as Shinsuke Nakamura or NXT Champion Samoa Joe to the group.

Original Bullet Club
[image via WWE]

The fact that there is some talk of expanding the group is interesting, but it makes a lot of sense. Some feel this would be the perfect way to introduce Finn Balor to the main roster crowd. In fact, there has been some talk that Balor could debut with the main roster soon after WWE NXT Takeover: The End tomorrow night. If Balor loses the match as expected, the plan would be to then see Finn leave NXT for the main roster soon after.

Due to the fact that he has been teasing the heck out of possibly joining his friends out of NJPW in Gallows and Anderson, this very well could happen. Interestingly, Finn Balor has not been teasing this as much as he once was. He kept on doing it for months and months, especially when Anderson and Gallows first arrived. However, he kept on disappointing the fans who were eager to see him show up.

He has teased the possible debut with them since but not as frequent lately as he did previously. To some, this means that he is trying to keep things quiet so that when he does debut with them, it won’t be as expected as it was previously. He seemed to tease it on a daily basis before.

Finn Balor
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It makes total sense to add him now more than ever. The Club currently have problems with The New Day and John Cena. That is four to three advantage in New Day and Cena’s favor. There is a need for a fourth man just to help make things a fair fight.

There have been discussions about bringing Finn Balor in by WWE Money in the Bank in a few weeks, which would then allow him to have a big impact that the other WWE Superstars didn’t see coming. Unlike Nakamura and Samoa Joe, there is a lot of history with The Club members. For those unaware, as Price Devitt in NJPW, Balor started the Bullet Club we know today. His best friends are Anderson and Gallows, which means he would obviously want to work with them. This also allows for Balor to make a major impact right away rather than be thrown into a mid-card rivalry alone.

Again, plans for expanding the group are not concrete. However, it is being discussed, and there is a pretty good shot someone is added. The only person who makes sense for WWE to add to the group is Finn Balor, but WWE may have other plans for the Irishman. We’ll have to wait and see if they will go through with it.

[Image via WWE]