‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Pushes For Information On Victor, Nick Learns About Luca And Summer, And Paul Uncovers A Juicy Tidbit

What is coming up on Tuesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless? Spoilers detail that there is a lot of Newman drama ahead, and fans will see some twists and turns developing. Adam is facing charges alleging that he murdered Constance, Victoria is scrambling after the oil incident, and both Newmans suspect that Victor is at the center of these issues. Where are things headed in the June 7 show?

Chelsea, Adam, and Victoria will talk about Victor, and Vikki will detail that she suspects that Victor is behind the oil crisis. They discuss all of Victor’s antics, and soon Adam manages to reach Meredith and arrange for a meeting since he has learned that she is taking time away from her work.


Both Paul and Dylan have started to suspect that there is more yet to be uncovered regarding Constance’s death, and they will dig into things on this next show. As Young and Restless spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate, Christine and Paul will talk about his suspicions. She is not convinced that Victor orchestrated this, but she wants Paul to figure out the truth so she can handle things properly in court.

Sharon will plead with Dylan to take a day off of work to spend time with the family at the park, but Young and Restless spoilers share that Paul shows up and wants to coordinate efforts quietly with Paul. Sharon gets worked up over this, but Dylan gets called away by Adam to meet with Meredith.

Paul stays at the ranch, and Sharon will talk about wishing Nick had never seen Sage’s diary. She is worried about seeing Dylan get pulled into Victor’s web, and Paul talks about how becoming a father has settled Dylan.

Nick will show up at Newman Enterprises, ready to work and help his sister muddle through the oil crisis, and he comes across Summer and Luca. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that as Nick learns of Luca’s involvement in things at Newman lately, Summer reveals that she and Luca are now living together. Nick is not happy to hear about this, but Summer and Luca express their love for one another, and Luca tries to convince Nick that he has changed.

Soon, Victoria arrives and concedes that Luca has been helpful and that she has been using him as a consultant. Nick is hesitant to believe Luca has changed, but he says that he will try to accept Summer’s relationship with him. Once Victoria and Nick are alone, however, he will continue to question Luca’s intentions while Victoria disagrees.

Dylan and Adam meet with Meredith, but Young and Restless spoilers indicate that she mostly defends Victor and doesn’t reveal much else. Adam feels deflated after she leaves, but soon he gets a text that leaves him in somewhat better spirits.


Adam and Ian have orchestrated a deal to work together, as Adam wants Ian to get a confession from Victor about tampering with Sage’s journal. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Ian will spend some time with Victor again, giving him a hard time about Meredith and trying to talk to him about supposedly framing Adam. However, it sounds as if Victor doesn’t take the bait.

Victoria will show up to visit her father, and Young and Restless spoilers from Soap Central detail that she will confront him about the oil crisis, suspecting that he orchestrated it. Victor is furious to be accused of this, and he notes that he is tired of his family’s insinuations. After Vikki leaves, Victor sees Meredith and she talks about meeting with Adam. She also says that she let things go too far before and they need to stay professional, but they do kiss.


Adam heads to the prison to meet with Ian, and Young and Restless spoilers note that Ian claims he is about to brighten up Adam’s day significantly. In addition, Paul will call Dylan and tell him that he may have uncovered evidence that points to Victor orchestrating a change in Constance’s autopsy findings. Chelsea will see Dylan and ask if he’s gotten a break in the case, but he says he can’t say anything. Once he leaves, she calls someone and says she needs to see them.

As the week continues, things will get a bit crazy with Luca and his shenanigans, and there is more on the way regarding this case against Adam. Sharon’s secret regarding Christian is sure to explode soon and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on The Young and the Restless.

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