Brandi Redmond On Death Threats: ‘It Was Disturbing’

Brandi Redmond thought that she had made a mistake inviting LeeAnne Locken on the girls trip to Austin, Texas. The two had gotten along at a birthday party where the liquor was flowing, but when they got sober, Brandi was questioning whether it was right to invite LeeAnne, given their troubling history. On the trip, Locken flipped out, but Brandi was not in the middle of it. She watched from the sidelines as LeeAnne questioned her friendship with Marie Reyes, who was being blamed for leaking the poop story to the world. And now, all of the viewers of The Real Housewives of Dallas know the poop story.

According to a new Bravo report, Brandi Redmond is now revealing that the threats that her co-star made towards Marie Reyes when the cameras were not around were scary to her. She learned of the drama the next morning and she was shocked to hear that Locken had threatened Marie on her life. She had said she would “kill her,” and Reyes had been scared. In her own blog, she revealed she was terrified and had been completely bullied.

“The next morning when I realized what was going on I understood that LeeAnne felt hurt because Marie apparently shared her story. However, this gives no one an excuse to threaten someone’s life. It was disturbing and I felt like LeeAnne once again needed help. It’s not rational to argue with what was clearly crazy. Her continuing to use her past as excuses for her behavior really does bother me. So she should take her own advice and quit labeling herself as the victim. I think her apology to Marie was to move on and not necessarily genuine being that they are no longer friends,” Brandi Redmond points out in her blog, sharing that she was completely shocked at her co-star’s behavior.

While Brandi doesn’t support LeeAnne’s threats, she does understand why she got so upset. During the episode, Redmond revealed that she does understand why she felt completely betrayed. But she doesn’t think that her co-star handled the situation correctly. There should be no appropriate time to threaten someone’s life, even if the connotation may mean something else than the words.

And the drama continued during the final dinner in Austin, as Brandi Redmond watched her co-stars ignore the drama completely. Redmond didn’t understand why her co-stars were not being honest about the drama that was going on. Brandi really wanted LeeAnne to stop using the “victim” label, especially since she had just heard her threaten someone’s life. And Redmond really wanted to call out Tiffany Hendra on her own behavior as well.

“I was trying to understand why Tiffany is always supporting LeeAnne and contributes to her excuses. I also brought up the fact that Tiffany contributes to Marie and LeeAnne’s fights and realized it’s not worth it. So I walked away feeling frustrated. I want people to walk in their own shoes and not make excuses for their behavior. When we don’t live up to whom we say we are, it makes affirmations and our heart for charity seem like a joke,” Redmond points out in her blog, sharing that she really wants her co-stars to be honest about what is going on.

Of course, Marie Reyes has revealed that she’s convinced Tiffany played a role in the story that caused LeeAnne’s meltdown. And Brandi may be convinced of this theory, as well.

What do you think of Brandi Redmond’s stance on the fighting? Do you think she’s right about her co-star’s behavior and needing to drop the “victim” label?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]