‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis Have An Epic Confrontation, Maxie Considers Her Future With Nathan, And Kristina Spends Time With Aaron

What is coming up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there is a huge confrontation on the way between Julian and Alexis, and this may change everything. Teasers also note that Maxie will be making a decision about her future with Nathan, and there is some action on the way related to Kristina, as well.

As fans know, Alexis and Julian are in a very difficult place right now considering everything he has done to stay out of prison. Alexis talked with Diane about turning him in, but until now, she hadn’t pulled the trigger. However, it looks like Julian will be putting some intense pressure on his wife in an effort to ensure she stays in line.

According to We Love Soaps, Julian will be confronting Alexis during Tuesday’s show, and she will be stunned by what he has to say. While she has remained undecided about what to do regarding her husband, it sounds as if he likely catches wind of her potential plans and makes it clear that he will not stand by and let her ship him off to prison.

How far will Julian really go to stay out of jail? Would he actually kill Alexis as he seems to insinuate in the General Hospital spoiler previews? These two went through a lot to finally be together, and she ignored a lot of warnings and bad deeds due to being blinded by her love for him. However, Julian and Alexis are now at a breaking point and viewers have a hard time seeing how they can happily patch things up again.

Nathan finally shared the truth with Maxie about how things ended with Claudette when he admitted that he shot the man he found in bed with Claudette. Maxie was horrified that Nathan had lied to her for so long about something so big and she left, needing some time alone to think about this. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during Tuesday’s show, she will be struggling to make a decision about her future with Nathan.


Maxie may be considering a split, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Nathan will do everything he possibly can to smooth things over. Maxie is said to make a decision about her future during Tuesday’s show, and sadly, viewers have a hunch that a split is on the way.

There have been hints that a romance could soon brew between Maxie and Griffin, and it is pretty clear now that Griffin is the man who had been in bed with Claudette that night that Nathan shot someone. Claudette is going to be popping up soon and regardless of the decision Maxie makes right now about her relationship with Nathan, it looks like things are going to be getting quite complicated.

Kristina has been spending some time with Aaron lately and General Hospital spoilers detail that the two will be together again in this next show. The sparks are flying between Kristina and Aaron, but she is still pretty hung up on Parker. The buzz is that Parker will be popping up again soon and Kristina has some decisions to make.


General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is a bit related to Kiki and Morgan ahead in this next episode as well. It seems that Sonny will piece together that there is someone who wants to ensure that Morgan and Kiki stay apart. Is this referring to Ava or someone else? How much will Sonny interfere in this situation just as Kiki is starting to get close to Dillon and Morgan is close to leaving the facility where he has been working on his mental health?

The drama between Alexis and Julian will not be fully wrapped up during Tuesday’s show, as General Hospital spoilers note that there is more from them as the week continues. Viewers are quite anxious to see what comes next for these pairs in Port Charles as the drama escalates and the mysteries deepen.

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