2016 Democratic Primaries: Bernie Sanders Supporters Can Still Turn The Tide By Rallying A Big Turnout

The 2016 Democratic Primaries are far from over, and the fate of the nation rests in the hands of millions of voters still. The media would have voters believe Sanders is done and Clinton is the nominee, but that is far from the truth.

Bernie Sanders supporters are still working hard, and Bernie is still in the race. He still has a chance. The race is still really close, and the numbers do not lie. Check it out below. Superdelegate votes are not really cast until the convention, and they cannot be counted until July 25. Why the media has counted those from the beginning is another matter, but pay no attention. It means absolutely nothing.

The 2016 Democratic Primaries have not been a level playing field. Bernie is an outsider who is an independent Senator, not a Democrat. He started as a virtually unknown candidate facing Senator Clinton, the former first lady and former Secretary of State. Still, he is within 300 delegates of beating Clinton in the primaries.

Hillary Clinton does not have a gigantic lead. Hillary has 1812 real, committed delegates, and Bernie has 1521, according to Real Clear Politics. That is only a 291 delegate difference. The May 7 primaries could easily make up the difference, and even put Sanders ahead if there is a big turnout. Mainstream media is claiming, for whatever reason, she has an alleged advantage of 571 superdelegate votes, which she has been claiming since the beginning, but those votes do not count yet. Superdelegate votes count when and if they are actually cast for her at the Democratic Convention on July 25, 2016, and not a moment before.

The 2016 Democratic Primaries have a huge final day today, and the media is doing all they can to convince the public Hillary is already the nominee on the day of the election. A large percentage of the votes have not all been cast and counted yet, so the race is not over.

Bernie Sanders supporters have not given up, and with good reason. The race is still very close, and no one is close to getting the 2,383 delegates required to win without counting those superdelegates, which can only be done at the convention. That is why Bernie has not given up yet. Well, that is one of the many reasons. Email scandals, FBI investigations, and poor performance of Hillary in polls against Donald Trump could also play a role. Even allegations of election fraud could come into play.

The 2016 Democratic Primaries have not been decided at all. Far from it. There are 694 delegates in play in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, May 7, 2016. Today is the day to be counted. Please vote if you haven’t already. There are also 20 more delegates available on Tuesday, June 14, when the District of Columbia is finally allowed to vote in this really close primary. That is 714 delegates, representing millions of voters who must have their voices heard too! It isn’t too late to speak up.

Bernie Sanders supporters should be encouraged. Bernie received 20 delegates in the 2016 Democratic Primary in Puerto Rico, and while it is also true Clinton ended up with 36 there, according to CNN and 7 in the Virgin islands, according to the Guardian, that is not numerically all that significant. The media is just being tricky about another drop-in-the-bucket win.

Senator Bernie Sanders rally [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Bernie Sanders rallies draw huge crowds of tens of thousands. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

The 2016 Democratic Primaries have been the hardest fought primary in over 50 years, and there has never been another one like it. Amid poverty, corruption in high places, and extreme circumstances the American people are rising up and demanding a new kind of candidate. Just as Republican outsider Donald Trump fought his way to victory, with strong supporters, so can a democratic outsider Bernie Sanders supporters make a difference even now.

Bernie Sanders supporters can use today. We know they are devoted and they work hard. They could go out and canvass even in this final hour. They can find people who were not going to vote and get them to the polls — look for registered voters who don’t have a ride and take them to the polls to vote for Bernie.

Bernie Sanders American Flag Stephen Maturen c
Sen. Bernie Sanders [Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]

The 2016 Democratic Primaries are still in play today, and the Democratic Convention is yet to come. Without a doubt, Bernie can win. Don’t give up. While the candidate will not likely be decided before the convention, supporters can give Bernie a lot of help by using their phones to call, their legs to canvass, their social media accounts to find more voters. They can use their cars to drive voters to the polls who don’t have a ride. There is still time to take a stand for Bernie.

Bernie Sanders supporters are extreme supporters. They have made a difference in the face of great adversity, alleged voter fraud, and at the very least some highly suspicious glitches that kept their votes from being counted in Arizona, in New York, and in so many states across the union they have been forced to stand up for their rights. Those cases will go to court at the very least. Bernie supporters fought against unfair treatment and would not yield at the Democratic Convention in Nevada. See Nevada Democratic Chair Roberta Lange’s very unusual behavior at Real Clear Politics.

The 2016 Democratic Primaries are not over, and Bernie Sanders supporters can still make a huge difference in the future of our nation.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]