Brittany Killgore, Dorothy Maraglino: Sex Dungeon, Masters, Slaves Topic In ID's 'Murder Among Friends' In Case Of Louis Perez, Jessica Lopez

Brittany Killgore, the Fallbrook, California, murder victim who was lured to a sex dungeon against her will four years ago, will be the subject of the documentary series Murder Among Friends on Investigation Discovery.

In the episode titled "Dungeons And Dying," detectives investigate how an innocent Marine wife on a dinner cruise is unwittingly lured into the dark world of sadomasochism and bondage, which leads to her disappearance. Brittany Killgore's killers, Dorothy Maraglino, "Mistress Dee"; Louis Ray Perez, "Master"; and Jessica Lopez, "Sex Slave," were all convicted of her murder.


April 2012: San Diego County, California -- Bizarre Sex Fetish Underworld Leads To Death

Twenty-two-year-old Brittany Killgore disappeared after she was last seen by a friend who helped her pack up her clothes once she decided to leave her husband, Cory, a Marine who was deployed in Afghanistan. Later that evening, the friend received a disturbing text from Brittany Killgore, which read, "Help." A missing person report was later filed, and Killgore's nude body was found days later in some brush on a remote road near Lake Skinner, East of Murrieta in Riverside County.


Louis Perez Lured Brittany

An autopsy for former Rolla native Brittany Killgore stated that she died from strangulation caused by a ligature before she was dumped on the side of the road. Detectives retraced Killgore's steps and learned that she had planned to meet up with a man named Ivan for a dinner cruise date that she agreed to attend after Ivan told Brittany that he could help her find some men to help her move, according to the Daily Mail.

"Party with me tonight & you'll have five guys there in the morning."

Authorities say Ivan was really Sgt. Louis Ray Perez, a 46-year-old Camp Pendleton Marine who had a fetish for kinky S&M sex. Detectives also learned that Brittany Killgore was introduced to Louis Perez and his roommates, Jessica Lopez and Dorothy Maraglino, by Elizabeth Hernandez, another friend who admitted to knowing about their sexual bondage lifestyle but claimed not to be involved.

It appears that Brittany had no interest in Louis. But what she didn't know is that 36-year-old Dorothy Maraglino, who was pregnant at the time, and 25-year-old Jessica Lopez, had fantasized about having sex with Killgore in the sex dungeon they had built inside their home. It was there that police say Killgore was cut and tortured before they wrapped something around her neck and strangled her.

Missing Woman's Body Found--Sex Ring Located

Police were led to Dorothy Maraglino and Louis Perez after Jessica Lopez was found in a motel, where she had left a suicide-confession note and tried to end her life. It was Jessica who told police where they could find Brittany Killgore's body, according to San Diego-7.

The kinky sex trio was finally arrested and charged with murder. At trial, prosecutors say that Dorothy Maraglino was the owner of that home in Fallbrook, where she lived with Louis and Lopez. People who knew them said they were always trying to spot out young women to bring to their sex den. Dorothy was the ring leader, and Jessica Lopez often ate out of a dog bowl and referred to Louis Perez as master.


Slaves And Masters Guilty!

A California jury found Louis Ray Perez, Jessica Lopez, and Dorothy "Dee" Maraglino guilty and sentenced them to life in prison, according to the Los Angeles Times. Family members of Brittany Killgore want to protect her memory and her reputation. They believe that Brittany, who was described as a caring person with a beautiful spirit, didn't deserve what happened to her.

Police say that Brittany Killgore wanted no part of the sex games they tried to force upon her that day, but she was unable to get out alive after she realized what was happening.

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It's a mad, mad world out there. "Lured to death" cases are the worst kind of murder cases since the victim generally has no way to protect themselves and has no way of knowing what's ahead.

Don't Be Lured: A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

  • Be very careful about receiving "help" from people you don't know.
  • Watch out for couples who take a sudden interest in a single female or male. In many cases, this could be designed to bring the individual into their alternative world without their consent or knowledge.
  • Be cautious about accepting a ride from a stranger or "acquaintance."
  • If you are immediately turned off by someone, and you "feel" that something is not quite right, pay attention to it and stay clear away.
  • You can never be "too" cautious. Don't think of it as paranoia. Think of it as protection!
Watch the sad case of Brittany Killgore and Dorothy Maraglino this Tuesday at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Recently, ID profiled the case of the Scott Catenacci rough group sex cases.
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