‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Disses ‘Miserable’ People After Meeting Jeremy Calvert’s Girlfriend Brooke Wehr

Leah Messer met her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert’s girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, on last night’s Teen Mom 2 Season 7 finale, and on the show, their meeting appeared to go well.

Although Leah Messer and Brooke Wehr didn’t exactly become best friends immediately, Leah Messer seemed to look back on the experience in a positive manner.

“She was really nice,” Leah Messer said after a quick meeting with Wehr, via Us Weekly on June 6. “Maybe one day we can all actually sit down and really get a chance to talk if they become more serious.”

While Leah Messer didn’t seem to be under the impression that Calvert and Wehr were serious, they’ve been dating for over a year. And while they may not be married, as Messer and Calvert were after about a year of dating, they appear to be quite happy with one another.

“If they’re serious then I’m happy for him… I don’t want to disrespect her the way I disrespected [Corey Simm’s wife] Miranda,” Leah Messer continued.

As Teen Mom 2 fans will recall, Leah Messer engaged in an affair with Corey Simms in late 2013 just months after he married Miranda and during her own marriage to Calvert (who also claimed she cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd in late 2014).

Although Leah Messer’s meeting with Wehr seemed to go well, her drama with Calvert continued due to her allegations that he was treating their daughter, 3-year-old Adalynn, unfairly. As she spoke to her sister, Victoria, during the episode, Leah Messer claimed Calvert needed to focus more on Adalynn than the daughter of Wehr.

“He needs to stop worrying about someone else’s child and worry about his own… I’m not gonna allow Jeremy to hurt Addie. I’m not gonna allow it,” Leah Messer claimed.

According to Leah Messer, her heart breaks for Adalynn due to the way she is treated by her father.

“I guess I’m going to have to figure out something with his mom to get Addie and it’s already 4 o’clock. I mean, she doesn’t get to see her sisters again until Thursday. So, that’s not fair. He needs to stop worrying about someone else’s child and worry about his own,” Leah Messer continued. “Arrangements should have been made to where he could take care of his child and she take care of hers. That’s not fair. You see this little girl all week, you don’t see Addie all week. That’s what breaks my heart for this kid.”

After the episode aired, Leah Messer spoke of “miserable” people on Twitter but didn’t reveal who she was talking about.

Also during last night’s finale episode, Leah Messer was seen celebrating her one-year post-rehab anniversary. Although Leah Messer continues to claim her rehab stint was not for drugs, she celebrated her anniversary with family and friends.

During Teen Mom 2 Season 6, Leah Messer was seen making the decision to enter treatment after months of allegations of drug use (which both of her ex-husbands spoke of on the show) but claimed she was being treated for anxiety and depression.

For more of Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert, and their co-stars, tune into the upcoming Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion starting next Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV. Check out the sneak peek of next week’s episode below.

[Image via Leah Messer/Facebook]