‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: What Is Known So Far [Spoilers]

Once Upon a Time was renewed for Season 6. Even though some fans are excited by that news, others were disappointed in the last season. Thankfully, show creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are paying attention. Expect a lot of stories in the next season, and maybe viewers will get what was missing in Season 5. As for what is coming next, there are some OUAT spoilers available. To find out more, keep reading.

Warning: Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers are ahead.

Last season on Once Upon a Time, Robin Hood died and Regina resisted the urge to go back to being evil. However, her alter ego, the Evil Queen, found a new heart, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Wanting revenge, the Evil Queen promised to wage war on Regina. When OUAT Season 6 airs on ABC, Lana Parrilla will be playing two roles. In an interview, the actress seemed excited by the challenge. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Parrilla said Regina has always had two sides, but they have never been split before.


However, Regina and the Evil Queen are not the only challenges the Once Upon a Time character will face in Season 6. She lost Robin Hood, who she loved deeply. Through the seasons, fans have seen how love changed Regina. It was something she always wanted but either never received or lost. Once she opened up her heart (figuratively speaking), her character became more likable. How will Robin Hood’s death affect Regina? Unfortunately, Lana is unable to predict how Regina will handle Robin Hood’s death in Season 6.

“I tend to not speculate on the show because people think I have an insight and I actually know nothing about where these characters are going from here, because once my involvement was done, I’m already looking forward to the future and for my next challenge and my next adventure,” Parrilla told Variety regarding Regina in Once Upon a Time Season 6. “I haven’t really spent a lot of time speculating what will happen or where the characters will go — I think Adam and Eddy would prefer to tease that their way anyway.”

Some fans are wondering if Robin Hood will return to Once Upon a Time. Even after death, some OUAT characters have come back. However, Lana believes that the writing had a “finality” to it.

Two characters that were missing in OUAT Season 5 were Lily and Maleficent. Horowitz and Kitsis made it clear that they will be back in Once Upon a Time Season 6. Not only will Lily and Maleficent return, but the creators said future episodes will address questions that viewers had, including the identity of Lily’s father.


“I’ll say this, we hear the fans,” Edward Kitsis told EW. “We know what stories you feel like we’ve dropped, and we’ve got an episode for you next year.”

Regarding Belle, she is currently in a deep sleep, but will Rumple be any better when she wakes up? Some fans speculate that Rumple and Belle’s baby will only increase his desire for more power. However, it could also be the one thing that makes him want to be better. It was also revealed that Belle won’t just forgive and forget. He will need to win her heart back in Season 6. Viewers know she will probably take Rumple back, but how many times is too many?

What about Emma and Hook? According to Christian Today, fans could be seeing a fairy tale wedding in Once Upon a Time Season 6. However, none of the characters get an easy storyline. There will likely be bumps along the way, but let’s hope the two can finally tie the knot without anything getting in their way.

As for the general theme of Season 6, expect something a bit different.

“The paradigm for what Season six will be is a little bit different than what we’ve done the last few years, and we’re very excited by it,” Adam Horowitz teased to the Hollywood Reporter. “It involves our core group of characters, Storybrooke and flashing back to other realms. It doesn’t necessarily mean a journey to someplace else. I think at the end of the finale you’ll get a little bit of a taste of how we’re going to approach it — it’s both a little something old and something new.”

What do you hope happens in Once Upon a Time Season 6? ABC will air new episodes of OUAT in fall 2016.

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