Samsung Gear Fit2 Is For Sports Buffs As Well As Fashionistas

Samsung is taking the fit band market head on. Although Samsung Gear Fit2 trackers haven’t hit the shelves yet, the company has started taking pre-orders for its newfangled wearable.

Unlike other fit bands, which are predominantly preferred by the health-conscious lot, Samsung’s new Gear Fit2 seems to be popular among the fashionistas too. The company has released its Gear Fit2 in three fashion-forward colors: black, blue, and pink.

With its sleek universal design and cutting-edge functionality, Samsung has captured the hearts of both male and female users. The best part is once you are armed with Samsung Gear Fit2, your phone gets to stay at home, as all the desired functionalities are packed inside the sleek wearable.

“Our wearable technology can enhance existing routines and blend fitness and fun,” said Younghee Lee, the executive vice president of global marketing, mobile communications business, Samsung Electronics, at a recent press conference, which saw the joint launch of Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX, a headphone that tracks user’s fitness activities.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for consumers to enjoy fulfilling lives. The Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX are specialized to easily address these needs, ultimately allowing users to get more out of their fitness experiences and everyday activities,” Lee said.

High-end sensors, a standalone GPS, and a heart rate monitor are the key components of the Samsung Gear Fit2. Once it rests comfortably on the wrist, Samsung Gear Fit2 can accurately gauge your fitness activities, including distance, pace, route, and calories burned, as well as the user’s heart rate. Samsung Gear Fit2 will, therefore, come in handy for those spending extra time at the gym.

User-friendly interface

Samsung Gear Fit2’s user interface is easier and simple to navigate. Its intuitive touch design makes it easier for the user to check how close they are to reaching their fitness goals. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display is easy on the eyes and enables the user to effortlessly check their stats or notifications even if the user is in the middle of a workout.

Automatic detection

Samsung Gear Fit2 can automatically detect any type of user activity and help set, track, and target activity goals. With the predictive Auto Activity Tracking feature, users don’t have to manually activate the sports band.

“You can track and monitor 15 different activities including exercise bike, step machine, treadmill, pilates, yoga, lunges, crunches, and squats, among others,” Samsung said in its blog.

Samsung Gear Fit2 accurately tracks every heartbeat, every kilometer, every step of the way. This gadget is also compatible with a wide range of smartphones.

Ronald Bigger, a fit bit enthusiast from Georgia, is excited about Samsung’s Gear Fit2.

“This will be my next smartwatch. The Samsung Gear Fit2 has much improved design with built-in GPS and a slew of other features. Of course, I’ll sell one of my other Galaxy Gear smartwatches to help offset the cost of this new one. But once this thing goes on sale, it is mine,” he said.

Samsung Gear Fit in water
Samsung Gear Fit2 is water-resistant and can withstand accidental spills and rainstorms. (Photo by Anick Jesdanun/ AP)

Samsung users can also check fitness performance and trends with Gear Fit2 or smartphone through S Health, which conveniently syncs with the GPS sports band. To flaunt the good health status, users of Samsung Gear Fit2 can share their activity data with their friends on Facebook.

Samsung Gear Fit2 is not waterproof but is water-resistant. This means it can withstand slight showers, but you cannot jump into a pool wearing this gadget.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 is equipped with a 1GHz dual-core Exynos 3250 processor with 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, and a 200mAh battery, which lasts for about three or four days.

Samsung Gear Fit2 will be available beginning June 10. Samsung Gear Fit2 is priced at $179.99, and shipping is free.

[Photo by Anick Jesdanun/AP Images]