One Direction: Think Louis Tomlinson Can’t Get Cuter? Think Again

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is one of the most famous faces on the planet. Louis’ every move is scrutinized by his fans and the media, and the internet is a veritable gold mine of cute Tomlinson moments. Tomlinson fans are well aware that Louis is hugely generous to charities, especially those that support sick children. The Mirror reports that, over the past weekend, the 24-year-old stepped up to support Soccer Aid. Whilst One Direction fans were delighted to see Louis lining up to play in the charity soccer match, it was the photographs of Tomlinson with bandmate Niall Horan that set the internet on fire.


If you are not one of the many who track Tomlinson and Horan’s every move, you may be wondering why two bandmates hugging and sharing a laugh is such big news. One Direction are currently on a hiatus, and the boys have been doing their own thing since December. This has allowed some sections of the media to push the narrative that the One Direction split is a permanent one and that Louis is largely responsible for the split.

When One Direction’s last tour wound up in October of last year, U.K. tabloid The Sun claimed that the band were finished amid a background of internal squabbles, jealousy, and hatred. Without raking up the entire controversy all over again it, was claimed that Louis and Harry Styles couldn’t abide each other and the fallout was the reason that the band split.

It does seem to be the case that Harry, at least publicly, has been keeping his distance from the rest of One Direction. Tomlinson and Liam Payne represented One Direction at the Brit Awards, Styles didn’t attend despite being in London at the time. There have been numerous occasions over the past six months where Tomlinson and other members of the band were in the same city but didn’t spend any time together – at least not in public.

The Daily Mail reports that Niall and Louis “faced off” during the Soccer Aid game but One Direction fans will be delighted to see Tomlinson and Horan embracing and looking happy and relaxed in each other’s company. The pictures do seem to show that the relationship between Louis and Niall is as strong as ever.

Fans will be delighted that Tomlinson appears to be on great terms with both Payne and Horan, but they will be perplexed as to why Harry hasn’t been seen with any of his bandmates since December. Of course, Styles is currently busy filming for his acting debut in the forthcoming movie Dunkirk, but that started just a couple of weeks back. Fans would love nothing more than to see Louis and the rest of One Direction hang out together as this would help to allay fears that the hit band are finished.


In other Louis Tomlinson news, The Mirror reports that rumors of a movie role for Tomlinson may be wide of the mark. It has been widely reported that Louis is lined up to play Leicester City soccer star Jamie Vardy in a forthcoming biopic, but it seems that nothing has been signed as yet. Louis felt that a good performance in the Soccer Aid match might help to seal the deal.

These days soccer teams employ nutritionists to help players achieve peak fitness, but it seems that Tomlinson trained on a diet of pizza and beer.

“Every muscle in my body is aching. Before the game my diet consisted of Domino’s [pizza] and beer.

“My strength used to be I could keep running. Now I’ve got nothing in my locker, so I’ll just do my best.”

One thing is certain, One Direction fans will be delighted to have seen Louis looking so happy as he reunited with Niall Horan. You have to admit that, when Louis and Niall fool around, the cuteness monitor goes off the scale.

Tomlinson and Horan were supporting Soccer Aid 2016 raising money for Unicef to help provide children with nutritious food, vaccines and clean water, as well as protecting them from violence, exploitation, and abuse.

Did you watch Tomlinson and Horan in the Soccer Aid match? Do you think Louis performance will have helped him to bag that movie deal?

[Photo by: KGC-143/STAR MAX/IPx/AP]