‘Days Of Our Lives’: Does Roman Believe Kate About Nicole Murdering Deimos? New Woman Flirts With Rafe [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for June 7, 2016 are in. What can fans expect on Tuesday’s episode of the NBC soap opera?

Warning: DOOL spoilers are ahead.

On yesterday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives, Nicole and Deimos had an altercation. Nicole walked away without being hurt, but Kate was hiding in the bushes and saw everything. When confronting Deimos, he laid everything on the line for her, revealing that he didn’t love her. Then he chose to tell Kate that she was shallow and only cared about money. She didn’t take to that very well, and she shoved him. What Kate didn’t expect was for Deimos to hit his head against a tree and fall.

Kate was sure Deimos had died, and she decided to call Roman. Sobbing, Kate said she had witnessed a murder. Rushing over, Roman wanted to know exactly what had happened. She pretended to sob and was frantically telling Roman how Nicole and Deimos had a “lover’s quarrel” and she killed Kiriakis.


Really? A lover’s quarrel? Kate sobbing and ranting hysterically? When has anyone ever seen Kate cry?

Some fans are wondering if Roman actually believes Kate. Based on how Roman was looking at Kate, I don’t think he does. Her behavior seemed so out of character. Someone that didn’t know Kate personally might take her seriously, but that isn’t the case here.

According to She Knows, Deimos isn’t dead. On Friday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives, expect to see Kiriakis get to a gas station. He is injured but alive and is able to call for help. As for what he will say about his injuries, there is no telling. He is angry with Nicole, but he loves her – or loves that she looks like Helena. Kate did nearly kill him, but will Deimos tell that to police or not? If he doesn’t, he will want something in exchange or will keep the information to use to his advantage at a later date.

We Love Soaps published additional DOOL spoilers for June 7. It turns out that Kate and Aiden will make a deal on Days Of Our Lives. What kind of arrangement will these two come up with? Does it have to do with Deimos’ murder? Perhaps it is about Chase, Hope, or even Andre DiMera?


Kate’s story about Deimos’ murder to Roman isn’t the only thing happening in Salem. On Tuesday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives, expect to see a new character. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ximena Duque has been cast as Blanca. This is the woman Adriana called, asking her to visit Salem. As Yahoo! TV‘s interview with the actress explained, Blanca will show up at Rafe’s front door. The Days Of Our Lives character will flirt, but Rafe will not appreciate his mother’s “help.” Then, Blanca takes a different route with Rafe, but the actress couldn’t reveal what exactly that meant.

Also, expect Ciara Brady to look after Chad DiMera on Days Of Our Lives. He misses Abigail and she is struggling in the psychiatric facility. Even so, she decided to stop all contact with her husband, infant son, and the rest of her family. Chad has begun drinking, and of course, Ciara will care for him while she fantasizes about Abigail’s husband. Hope’s daughter hasn’t made a move yet, but will she act on her desires? How will Chad handle that, and what happens when Abigail comes home?

What do you think is going to happen on Days Of Our Lives? Which DOOL storylines are you most interested in? Does Roman believe Kate’s story? What kind of deal are Kate and Aiden making? Should Nicole be worried about being charged with murder, or will Kate end up paying for her crime?

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