‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Now Get Door Holder Special

Game of Thrones fans are still enjoying Hodor’s reveal, despite the sadness that came with Episode 5. Season 6 hasn’t finished yet, but there is already merchandise that has been released for Hodor fans.

Nerdist reveals that Tony Wang is looking to create some Hodor door stoppers, putting him in the position he was in at the time of his death. He has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, and it has already reached its $5,000 goal. In fact, Thrones fans have pledged $80,000 at the time of writing this.

The door stopper will actually work as a practical item, so fans will get the choice over whether to use it properly or just have it on display. It will stand at six inches, with Hodor pushed up against the door to “hold the door.” Wang used a 3D printer to create a model for the campaign, which shows the realistic features of the character on the popular fantasy show.

Game of Thrones Season 6 has not been easy for fans. Episode 5 was the saddest episode of all, with a major spoiler for A Song of Ice and Fire. The loveable giant who could only say one word was finally given his backstory, and it turned out that it was all Bran’s fault. He had warged into current day Hodor and past Hodor at the same time, giving young Hodor his destiny. Unfortunately, it left him only being able to say “hodor,” which was a mash of “hold the door,” something Meera continually shouted at him as she dragged Bran away from the White Walkers.

Fans were reeling after the reveal, saddened that it meant the end of Hodor. Isaac Hempstead Wright took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Bran’s mistake.

While the campaign has the funds, the door stopper will not necessarily be made. HBO still has to give licensing rights to the team behind the idea. The team has promised that everyone will be refunded should the project be shut down by the network, but he wanted to see that the idea was viable first.

If the project does go ahead, the Hodor stopper will be created with plastic at first. It is possible that the Game of Thrones merchandise will be made from metal later, but it would be too expensive to make now. The production would be more than $500 per unit to make in metal, so plastic is the more affordable option for the team and for people buying it later. At the moment, they are working on experimenting with different materials to make sure they get the most durable one.

Pledges for the creations start at just $37, which will get funders at least one door stopper. Almost $500 will get people four stoppers plus themselves created as a six-inch action figure. There are still 22 days to get involved in this project for those who are interested.

Game of Thrones continues on HBO. This week saw the return of a long-thought-dead character, with Ian McShane finally appearing in the season. It also saw Arya trying to get home and Jon and Sansa trying to build an army to attack Winterfell. There are just three episodes left in the season, with elements of the episodes having online. HBO is struggling to keep the leaks under control, even though the network itself accidentally leaked an episode early.

There are now many questions over Bran’s capabilities and what it means for the rest of Game of Thrones. Could he affect everything else that happens, and did he set up the events of the past?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]