Grieving SEAL Team 6 Families Received Form Letters From The President

Should Navy SEALS killed in the line of duty deserve at minimum a personal note of condolence from the president rather than just boilerplate?

The families of the 17 Navy Seals killed in Afghanistan in 2011 claim that they merely received form letters (pictured above) from President Barack Obama.

Karen and Billy Vaughn, who lost their son, Navy SEAL Aaron Carson Vaughn, in the crash of the Chinook CH-47 helicopter on August 6 of last year, checked with the other mourning SEAL parents and concluded that they apparently all received form letters that weren’t even personally signed but instead were signed by an electronic pen, the Gateway Pundit website reports.

The website also claims that Obama took the time to send a personal note to the family of rapper Heavy D when he passed away.

The August 6, 2011 helicopter crash took the lives of 30 soldiers including 17 Navy SEALS, most of whom belonged to SEAL Team 6, the elite group that raided bin Laden’s compound in May 2011. It was the deadliest single loss for US forces in the war in Afghanistan according to AP.

ABC News reports that the White House doesn’t dispute that the families were sent form letters but insists they were personally signed.

Separately, another group of anti-Obama SEALS released a new ad called “Bow to Nobody,” which is a reference to Barack Obama bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The video is from an organization called the Special Operations for America Super PAC:

If the allegation from the families of the fallen Navy Seals is true in all aspects, would it be fair or unfair to say that Barack Obama spends more time filling out his golf scorecard than writing letters to the loved ones of combat veterans?