Nikon VP650 Digital Camera With Built-In Pico Projector Set For September Release

The Nikon VP650 isn’t your typical digital camera, sure it can snap digital pictures, display them on your computer and save them to memory, but it does something no other digicam to date can claim, it offers a built-in pico project for displaying the devices included pictures.

The pico option on the Vp650 can display images up to 8 inches x 12 inches which is a far cry from mainstream pico’s which offer much larger image outputs, but considering it’s the first of its kind it’s still a very cool and unique function.

According to SlashGear:

They also suggest that the LED pico-projector components are supplied by FoxLink, a Taiwanese company previously linked with putting pico components into mobile phones.

The camera has yet to be made official by Nikon, however reports are pointing to an official announcement this month with a release date sometime in September.