‘Suits’ Season 6 Episode 1 Spoilers: Harvey, Louis Work Together To Save Mike, Pearson Specter Litt [PROMO]

Suits Season 6 episode 1 will immediately pick up where the heartbreaking Season 5 finale left off, with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) preparing to enter prison. The latest promo for the premiere episode showed a prison guard shaving Mike’s hair while voices of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) run through his head.

In the Suits Season 5 finale, Mike decided to cut a deal with Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope), refusing to wait for the jury’s decision. Had he have waited a little longer and believed in himself, he would have been able to walk away and maybe even return to practicing law at Pearson Specter Litt.

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In an interview with Stuff, Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on the show, revealed that he is extremely excited to see what will happen to Mike, and the rest of Pearson Specter Litt, in Suits Season 6. He pointed out that since Suits fans have been used to seeing Harvey and Mike always get their way, the shakeup is going to make the series even more interesting. Macht also speculated that fans would like to see how Mike will survive in jail and how Harvey will be able to revive Pearson Specter Litt following the trial.

“I was really excited to see where it went because these guys always get out of everything, right? They’re always winning, always just working their way out of the system, and their comeuppance has been interesting to see. It’s great to put these characters in a corner, that’s what people like, I think.”

While Harvey and Louis did not always see each other eye-to-eye, with the latter getting his jealousy get the best of him, this time around they have to put their differences aside to help Jessica (Gina Torres). Macht held that Harvey and Louis will play a pivotal role in saving the firm. The first thing they need to do, however, is to rebuild their relationship, which had taken a hit during Mike’s trial.

“I’ve read the first episode and I can’t give you too much, but I’ll tell you this: if you can imagine these characters in a sort of Breakfast Club Scenario, there’s some good hijinks,” Macht said.

Although Suits Season 5 was mostly about Mike, Harvey fans may argue that we get to learn quite a lot from Macht’s character. In the interview, the actor revealed that he, himself, liked seeing Harvey placed in uncomfortable circumstances. In the past season, viewers got to see a different, more vulnerable side to him. We also got a glimpse of how his past still haunts him up to this day.

Will we get to see the return of the powerful Harvey Specter in Suits Season 6?

“We’ll build him back up for a little bit and then hopefully we’ll crush him again,” Macht teased.

While spoilers on how Harvey and Donna’s relationship will progress in the coming episodes remain scarce, fans of the hit USA Network series are still hoping that the two will end up together. Or maybe they will at least tell Suits fans what they do with the can opener?

“The can-opener is an instrument that is involved in a ritual played out before Harvey goes to trial. And that’s all I can tell you.”

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