Drake Pulls Five-Week Winning Streak With Justin Bieber Connivance

Drake has cast a spell on U.S. and U.K. pop charts, as his VIEWS album continues its winning streak, staying at the No. 1 spot for five consecutive weeks. And it looks like the meteoric rise will continue for the Canadian rapper’s fourth album. Finally, Drake has achieved his goal as a control freak. The artist’s handwriting was analyzed by Complex, which concluded without any doubt that Drake likes to control everything. This also means that he is a perfectionist at any anything he does, especially his music.

In case you’re wondering what Drake’s VIEWS album is all about, allow Pitchfork to explain, as follows.

“Fact is, the 6 is one of the most multicultural places on Earth, a sprawling metropolis in which more than 140 different languages and dialects are spoken. And it’s when VIEWS embraces this more inviting and open-minded side of Toronto that it points to a better way forward. Drake’s fascination with the city’s Caribbean enclaves take root in the effervescent rhythms of songs like ‘With You,’ ‘One Dance,’ and ‘Too Good’—all of them featuring welcomed guest vocals that break up the monotony and also allow Drake to get out of his own brain for a second.”

So essentially, Drake’s latest creative endeavor is all about Toronto, which is the fourth largest city in North America. As such, Toronto is a melting pot of many different cultures spread across a population of at least 2.6 million. It’s amazing how Drake puts the city of his birth and formative years at center stage, dissing its decay while celebrating its harmony in diversity.

Drake somehow makes the world stage fall in love with his city even as he decries its dysfunctional nature. And so effective is Drake, so focused that with all the interest he manages to generate, that he is able to dethrone a king, reports Hiphop DX as follows.

“Eminem’s 2010 Grammy-winning album Recovery, which sold 754k units in its first week, stayed at #1 for five consecutive weeks prior to VIEWS snatching that spot this week. He was the first artist to sell one million records in pure digital sales.”

To Eminem’s dismay, Drizzy’s album, released only on April 29, would sell 1.2 million units worldwide by May 5. And not only that, it got streamed in the United States over a billion times. Sorry, Eminem, that’s just how it is in the music industry. Records are meant to be broken, as you well know. Let’s all be good sports, okay?

To beat Eminem at his game, Drake would summon his inner Lion King, with a staggered rollout. Drizzy would play the exclusivity game by allowing only Apple subscribers to stream his music. And once that exclusivity expired, Drake conspired with the hyenas so to speak, by opening up the download pool to TIDAL and Spotify.

That would be enough to utterly infuriate the “Monster” rapper, but it was too late before he realized it. Drake has defeated him to a T, his career record gone with the wind, which is kind of like leaving an old lion flat-footed. And not only that, the Lion King that is Drake would conspire with a fellow Canadian whom he himself has coached and trained.


Yes, Justin Bieber collaborates with Drake in a very timely manner in order to completely maim the competition. And this is how GQ says that “this Justin Bieber remix of Drake’s ‘One Dance’ should be Canada’s new national anthem.”

As if to add insult to injury, GQ adds the following.

“The remix, which Drake revealed while on his OVO radio show this weekend, features about 90 seconds of extra Bieber verses at the top. Bieber sounds great on the song, adding those trademark pleading breathy Bieber vocals all over the track—and it works.”

Hint: the words “it works” are an understatement, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In case you haven’t, it’s about time to discover Drake’s VIEWS for yourself, if only to find out if indeed as GQ says, it is one of the best Canadian imports in years.


[Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]