Landon Clements Says She’ll Always Love Shep Rose, Shep Explains He Didn’t Just Bail On Landon After Love Confession

The latest episode of Southern Charm showed Landon Clements confessing to co-star and friend Shep Rose that she loves him and has for a long time. Shep practically choked on his wine when he heard that and expressed bewilderment over why Landon would want him. While Shep told Landon that he never had an inkling that she had feelings for him, Landon countered that he knew. After a few more awkward lines between the two, Shep and Landon were shown saying goodbye to one another. Landon looked disappointed after Shep left.

As the episode aired on Monday night, both Shep and Landon provided some insight on the scene on Twitter. In response to a viewer who asked Landon if she cringes upon hearing herself tell Shep that she loves him since “that’s a little stalkerish,” Landon replied that she does love Shep and always will. Landon added that Shep will always be there for her. Shep re-tweeted Landon’s tweet.


Co-star Cameran Eubanks, who had encouraged Landon to confess her feelings to Shep, tweeted that it’s hard to not love Shep.


Shep revealed that his actual interaction with Landon after she confessed her feelings for him was quite different in reality than it was shown on Southern Charm. In response to a viewer who said that it looked as if Shep couldn’t get away from Landon fast enough, Shep revealed that it looked that way because of editing. According to Shep, he and Landon actually had a much longer conversation, in which he admitted that he isn’t good boyfriend material.


So, did Landon’s love confession make Shep later realize that he should finally settle down and be in a relationship with her? Not quite. Shep tweeted that he’s currently single.


Although Shep Rose and Landon Clements aren’t in a romantic relationship, they’re still very good friends. Landon joked that Shep is stuck with her whether he likes it or not.


Shep is also still friends with Bailey Bial. As the episode began airing, Shep revealed that he was watching it with Bailey.


Bailey tweeted to Shep that soulmates do exist, to which Shep wondered if people could have many soulmates.


In the beginning of his scene with Landon, Shep admitted that he was single again after Bailey said that she couldn’t date him anymore. Landon said that she was a little jealous when she found out that he was getting serious with Bailey. When Shep asked why, Landon responded that perhaps it’s because she loves him.

Shep, almost choking on his wine, shook his head in bewilderment. He said that he never knew she had feelings for him and asked why. Landon replied that he does know that she loves him.

“What do you mean why? I’ve loved you for a long time. Of course you’ve known. Don’t be dumb.”

Yet, Shep continued to maintain that he never knew and said that he felt bad.

In her confessional interview, Landon confessed that she was disappointed by Shep’s reaction.

“I know Shep really well and I knew that this wasn’t going to turn into some sort of like The Notebook moment, that we’ll be making out in the rain, but I kind of expected him to say something! I’m willing to put my heart out a little bit but you’ve got to meet me in the middle.”

The scene then showed Landon walking Shep to the door and shaking her head after Shep left.

In a previous episode, Landon admitted to Cameran Eubanks that she wants a relationship with Shep. Cameran was happy to hear Landon finally admit to her feelings and encouraged her to speak to Shep about it. In a confessional interview, Landon said that Shep provided her with the friendship that her ex-husband didn’t.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Landon and Shep recently confessed that they have never had sex with one another.

Will viewers soon see a sexier-looking Landon Clements in search for romance? A preview for next week’s episode of Southern Charm shows that viewers will see Patricia Altschul giving Landon some relationship advice after she tells her that Shep Rose just laughed upon hearing her love confession. Landon admitted that she laughed, too, because she didn’t know what else to do. When Patricia tells Landon that she is still letting her divorce negatively affect her, Landon starts tearing up. “No man is worth crying over!” Patricia tells her. Patricia then advises Landon to have a sexier image and capitalize on her beauty.

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