LeAnn Rimes Sues Women Over Unconsented Recording

LeAnne Rimes has been a busy little vixen this week. She just recently celebrated her 30th birthday on Tuesday, and, the next day, she promptly checked into rehab for help with “anxiety and stress”. Then, on Thursday, Rimes filed a lawsuit against two women who allegedly “recorded” one of Rimes’ telephone conversations.

According to Today Entertainment, Rimes filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Kimberly and Lexi Smiley for invasion of privacy. Rimes also claims that the two women have been orchestrating a “campaign of harassment” against her since she began dating her “Good Deeds” star husband, Eddie Cibrian.

According to the complaint filed by Rimes, the two women secretely recorded a private telephone conversation without her knowledge or consent. They then “conspired to spitefully ensure that out of context excepts of that recording would be disseminated to the public on various websites … in an effort to portray Ms. Rimes in an egregious false and negative light and cause her emotional distress.”

The suit states that Rimes has put up with the women’s “campaign of harassment in the hope they would tire of posting false and defamatory statements,” but the “outrageous conduct” has only been escalating and Rimes “can no longer merely hope” the behavior will stop.

A friend of the defendants encouraged Rimes to speak with them in the Spring of 2012 in an attempt to end the negative internet activity towards Rimes. She decided to speak to them but did not know that she was being taped.

The recording was then posted on “hate” blogs Celebitchy.com and CrazyDaysAndNights.com. Rimes states that the posting of the recording has ruined her reputation and personal relationships causing her emotional distress.