Angelina Jolie Lookalike Stabs Cab Driver For Refusing Sex

An Angelina Jolie lookalike allegedly stabbed a Romanian taxi driver after he refused to comply with the woman’s sexual demands for a third time, according to The Daily Mail. After the cabbie was forced to have intercourse and perform oral sex on the assailant, he reportedly refused to satisfy the woman for a third time. When he decided he’d had enough interaction with the young woman, the Jolie impostor stabbed the poor guy for disobeying her orders.

Nicolae Stan told police that 30-year-old Luminita Perijoc asked the driver to help her carry some bags up to her apartment. However, when the pair arrived inside the woman’s home, she reportedly demanded sex from the man. When he refused, Perijoc brandished a knife and forced the guy to remove his clothes.

Unfortunately for Stan, news of the attack has transformed him into a local celebrity. Whenever people hear about the situation, they have a tendency to laugh.

“They don’t understand why I refused her, but they do not know what it is like to have a mad woman yelling at you at knife point,” the cab driver explained. “They look at her, then look at me an laugh. But I think anyone would find it impossible to perform with a knife at their throat even if they were with Miss Romania.”

The Complex reports that, when the father of three refused to pleasure the woman for a third time, she began to stab him repeatedly. After escaping the unstable woman’s evil clutches, he locked himself in a bedroom and promptly called police.

Authorities believe that Luminita Perijoc’s behavior may be attributed to the medication she was taking at the time of the assault. According to her friends, the woman is a pretty big fan of Angelina Jolie and often models herself after the starlet.

“I think she wasn’t used to anyone saying no because she flew into a rage when I declined. She took out a knife and forced me to undress and have sex with her,” the cab driver explained.