WWE News: Adding New Members To The Club Has Been Discussed

With The Club re-formed and set to do battle with John Cena, the WWE’s newest stable may be on the receiving end of some new members, according to a report from Daily Wrestling News.

While they are no concrete plans in place, the report mentions that WWE has had internal discussions about upgrading the stable. As it stands, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson comprise The Club, similar to the former Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). However, the company reportedly sees two NXT competitors as potential fits.

Current NXT World Heavyweight champion Samoa Joe and recent NXT addition and NJPW legend Shinsuke Nakamura have been discussed as potential members. Nakamura and all three members of The Club left NJPW for WWE at around the same time earlier this year, so him joining the group would mean pairing all of the company’s recent signings.

As for Joe, he has been rumored to be a future WWE main roster call up, so being added to The Club would fulfill that move. After dethroning now-former NXT World Heavyweight champion Finn Balor at an NXT live event, he will defend that title at NXT Takeover: The End this Wednesday.

Balor has been rumored to make his main roster debut for several months now. The original founder of the Bullet Club, along with Karl Anderson, in NJPW has been linked to The Club since the WWE came to terms with Anderson, Gallows, and Styles.

In a recent live Q&A on Facebook, Balor told Tom Phillips that “if that decision was mine, I would have went to the main roster a long time ago. But that decision is currently not in my hands.”

Many have speculated that upon Balor’s main roster debut, he would assume his role from NJPW, leading the WWE’s version of The Bullet Club. It made sense not only because Gallows and Anderson were coming into WWE but because of the factions origins, as Balor explained to WWE in January.

“The Bullet Club was essentially in existence long before it was ever onscreen. Myself and Karl Anderson were best friends in and out of the ring. Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale were the other foreign wrestlers in New Japan. Essentially we lived together, traveled together, ate together, drank together and spent four years being in each other’s company. We were closer to each other than we were to our own families, due to the fact that we were in a foreign country and all going through the same issues of living in a non-English speaking country. That’s an incredible cultural contrast to where we came from. We were literally best friends. The opportunity arose for me to create a faction in New Japan, and the office said, ‘Would you be willing to start a faction with your buddies?’ I said, ‘Absolutely. 100%. I would love to.’ They said, ‘Come up with a name next week.’ I came up with a name, and it kind of all happened from there.”

After they seemingly split forever on RAW recently, Anderson, Gallows, and Styles appeared to be headed in different directions. However, with Styles set to face Cena at Money in the Bank, The Club is expected to be a vital part of that match. Also, Anderson and Gallows seem headed toward a WWE Tag Team championship bout with New Day.

If a feud between The Club and New Day with John Cena takes place, that would leave them one member short. At that point, a new member for The Club would certainly be a viable outcome.

[Featured Image via WWE]