Hillary Clinton Clinches Nomination, Secures Required Number Of Delegates [Breaking]

Hillary Clinton, as of this evening, has secured the required number of delegates to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, reports the Associated Press.

The AP is projecting that Hillary Clinton has become the presumptive Democratic nominee after a survey of pledged and superdelegates. Clinton has made history tonight as the first woman to head up a major presidential ballot in the United States. The AP has confirmed the number of delegates Clinton has won to date and has added at least 23 additional superdelegates who have come over to Clinton’s side today.

Hillary Clinton, now the presumptive Democratic nominee, will formally accept the nomination of the Democratic Party in July at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. While Clinton has secured the required number of delegates, the Clinton campaign is not resting on its laurels. As early as today, Clinton stated that the primary “isn’t over till it’s over,” echoing Senator Bernie Sanders’ own sentiments.

“I am so focused on all the states that are voting tomorrow. That is my singular focus. I know there is a lot of work still going on,” said Clinton.

Sanders has famously vowed to stay in the Democratic race all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, much to the chagrin of Clinton supporters who would rather Sanders bow out. Sanders is expected to make a strong showing in tomorrow’s primaries when California and five other states head to the polls, but it’s not likely Sanders will win enough delegates to challenge Clinton and persuade the superdelegates on her side to jump ship.

As of this evening the Democratic primary is essentially over, reports the Associated Press and other outlets. ABC News commented on the historic nature of Clinton’s win this evening, stating that she will be the first woman to top the ticket of a major U.S. political party.

Clinton’s historic win tonight comes on the heels of the news that President Obama is gearing up to formally endorse Clinton and hit the campaign trail, capitalizing on his recent spike in popularity.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has all but secured the nomination as of this evening, in part due to a few small victories over the weekend. Clinton won all seven delegates at stake in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as 36 from the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Small victories, but they brought Clinton within striking distance of the Democratic nomination, and as of this evening, the remaining 23 superdelegates Clinton needed to clinch the nomination have come over to her side.

Clinton has become the presumptive Democratic nominee after a contentious and fractious primary season, which saw Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders butting heads with Clinton and very nearly toppling the odds-on favorite with his popular message and massive upswell of support. Sanders became a household name overnight, as a result of his fiery rhetoric and unapologetically left-leaning political views which made him the darling of young voters throughout the U.S.

Despite Hillary Clinton becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, Sanders’ rockstar campaign has not yet come to an end, and it’s likely that he will keep his promise to take the fight all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. It’s important to note that Democratic superdelegates are free to change their minds and change which candidate they support until the votes are cast in Philadelphia this July. The Sanders campaign will likely make a push to convert some of Clinton’s superdelegates, but after securing the number of delegates needed to become the Democratic nominee, it’s very likely that Clinton has sewn up the Democratic race.

Bernie will reportedly be taking time at his home in Vermont, after tomorrow’s vote, to assess his plans to continue his presidential bid, according to the Washington Post.

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