Joel Smallbone Of ‘For King & Country’ To Star In ‘Priceless’ Movie

Joel Smallbone, from the band For King & Country, will star in the upcoming movie, Priceless: She’s Worth Fighting For, reports Christian Cinema. Perhaps the bigger story is that this film is actually quite the family affair. The faith-based movie is directed by Joel’s brother, Ben, produced by his other brother, Luke, and their father. The music for the film is written by For King & Country which includes Joel and Luke on lead vocals.

Premiering in theaters this fall, Priceless tells the story of widower James Stevenson (Joel Smallbone) who is trying hard to turn his life around but has to face a number of new challenges before his course is back on track. Stevenson somewhat naively accepts a delivery job across the country (no questions asked) in order to raise money so that he can retain custody of his young daughter. Unfortunately, he finds himself in the middle of the world of human trafficking. Still suffering from bitterness because the death of his wife and being separated from his daughter, Stevenson soldiers on with his task understanding the risks but refusing to care. However, when Stevenson fully realizes that he isn’t delivering a product, but a person, he feels compelled to right the wrong.

The press release for the movie states, “Priceless is a powerfully compelling, suspense-filled love story that reminds us that no matter who we are, what we’ve done, or even how far we’ve gone astray, we are of infinite worth in God’s eyes.”

Priceless is written by Chris Dowling and Tyler Poelle and also stars Bianca Santos, Amber Midthunder, Jim Parrack and David Koechner. It is the first movie from the Smallbone brothers.

In addition to making this film, Joel and Luke have been busy touring and playing music from their second studio album, Run Wild-Live Free-Love Strong, which won two Grammy Awards for “Best Contemporary Music Album” and “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song,” as well as two GMA Dove Awards for “Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year” and “Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year.”

“A really thrilling component of this new album is that we stepped into it with 300-plus shows under our belts,” Joel says. “We have five band members on the road with us. After spending countless hours in 15-passenger vans and performing on stage together, a deep creative bond formed. We made many discoveries along the way—our love for rhythm, our enthusiasm for theatrics and the beauty of how a lyric can touch someone’s heart. These experiences have been an excellent springboard into a new and more developed version of For King & Country.”

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The Priceless movie just seems to be a natural transition for the music duo. “Part of the DNA of For King & Country is this idea of respect and honor in relationships and women being priceless,” Joel says. “What we’ve both found in our beliefs as men is that people are made equal. No one is a commodity and everyone deserves to be loved and loved well.”

Joel and Luke are just two of seven siblings in the Smallborn household who were born and raised in Sydney, Australia, before relocating to Nashville in 1991. For a long while, Joel and Luke sang back up for their sister, Rebecca St. James, before creating their own band when they turned 21 and 19, respectively.

Instead of music, their brother Ben turned to the movies as his creative expression outlet. Only directing two short films so far, Taken and The 2nd Mile, Priceless is Ben’s first full-length movie.

[Photo via For King & Country]